Nalla Nilavulla Rathri OTT Release Date: Is The Film Available On OTT?

Have you thought about an Indian Slasher film? If not, you will have to think about it now because of the film Nalla Nilavulla Rathri. Before watching the movie, everybody was cautioned that this film is not at all for the weak-hearted people. The film is extremely thrilling, and it will keep you on the edge almost all the time. Therefore, beware before watching the film. Here, we are going to discuss about the OTT release date of the film. If you are willing to know when the film can be released on OTT, you have come to the right place for your answers.

Nalla Nilavulla Rathri OTT Release Date And More

The film Nalla Nilavulla Rathri was released on 30th June 2023. Many people have watched the movie and have loved it. Since they have loved it, they wanted it on the OTT platform as soon as possible. What do you think? Will the movie be released on any OTT platform? If you are thinking about this question, we have got your answers right here. We are going to let you know if the cinema will be available on the OTT platform or not. Along with that, we are also going to provide you with some additional information.

Nalla Nilavulla Rathri is an Indian Malayalam language film that was released at the end of June. We have good news for the people who could not watch the film in the halls. Nalla Nilavulla Rathri has now been released on OTT. The rights to the film have been given to the Amazon Prime platform. The film was released on Amazon Prime on 30th August. You will now be able to watch the film on Amazon Prime, but you will have to have a subscription to the platform before watching the film.

As the introduction has stated, this film is absolutely not for the weak-hearted ones. If you are sure about watching the film, then only you should proceed with your plan. Slasher films are not for the weak-hearted ones. It has various gory incidents that will make you feel chills run down your spine. Nalla Nilavulla Rathri is one of that kind. Are you sure about watching the film? If you are sure, go ahead and watch it. If you are not, we will advise you not to watch the film, but it is one of a kind, and you can give it a try.

Nalla Nilavulla Rathri Storyline

The synopsis of the film states that the plot of the film centres around a group of friends who face unprecedented events when they go on a business trip. This may sound extremely simple, but the film deals with the dark side of human nature. Nalla Nilavulla Rathri shows how humans can become ferocious in order to save themselves. This film shows the real face of how humans are in reality. It is interesting and equally engaging. As has been mentioned above, you are going to feel the chills throughout the movie.

The film has been described as “cut-throat”. Patriarchy is at its height throughout the movie. It is completely male-centric and shows the animalistic side of men. One of the protagonists of the film is Kurien. He is in deep financial trouble, and he is finding no way out of his troubles. It is during this time of crisis that he comes across his former collegemates Joshi and Dominic. Now, Joshi and Dominic do not enter the image alone, they have Peter and Rajeev along with them as well. The four of them run an organic farming business.

After meeting his friends, Kurien realizes that he has a way out of his troubles. He starts to manipulate his friends by putting out several proposals in front of them. Greed is another factor that the film focuses on. As a result, all of them decide that they want to expand their business. Consequently, they start their journey towards Shimoga. This journey does not end up being fruitful because they face various bloody challenges on their way. These bloody incidents are the main focus of the film Nalla Nilavulla Rathri.

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Nalla Nilavulla Rathri Cast And Crew: Behind The Scenes

The cast of the film includes Baburaj, Binu Pappu, Jinu Joseph, Chemban Vinod Jose, Nithin George Rony David, Sai Kumar, Sajin Cherukayil, Ganapathi S. Poduval, and Shravan Satya.

The film has been directed by Murphy Devasy and produced by Wilson Thomas and Sandra Thomas.

Nalla Nilavulla Rathri Streaming Platform

You can watch the film on Amazon Prime.

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