Is Thank You For Your Betrayal Chapter 22 Release Date Announced?

Helmed by a budding author, Yunheesa, Thank You For Your Betrayal is a slice-of-life manga that portrays an intense emotion-fueled tale. It delves into the life of a royal princess and illustrates her journey of tackling heartache and betrayals. The Shounen manga tries to explore the evergreen romance genre and warp it in a thick layer of treachery and vengeance. Underneath its sarcastic title, Yunsee’s tale camouflages a profound storyline that incorporates highly realistic elements. Though the manga is still in its early stages, boasting only a handful of chapters, it has managed to lure a respectable amount of readers.

Due to the enthralling plot and dynamic characters, the manga has become an increasingly enticing read. Because of the same, fanatics are now wondering whether the Thank You For Your Betrayal Chapter 22 release date has been confirmed by Yunsee. If you, too, harbour such questions, jump in!

Thank You For Your Betrayal Chapter 22 Release Date

Thank You For Your Betrayal is currently licensed by Pocket Comics and is on its way to hitting a monumental benchmark. The first volume, consisting of the first twenty-five chapters, as per speculations, will soon be made available as a whole to the readers. However, the author is yet to comment and confirm the same.

Ever since its initial release, Yunsee’s manga has been enduring an unsteady schedule. Due to this eccentric schedule, fans are left searching for fresh updates constantly. Recently Yunsee terminated the wait and announced that Thank You For Your Betrayal Chapter 23 will be released on August 31, 2023. It will be available on Pocket Comics for worldwide readers in both Korean and English languages.

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Thank You For Your Betrayal  Manga Overview

Yunsee’s emotion-clad manga follows the ice princess, Irina, renowned for her angel-like features and timid personality. However, beneath the timorous personality and nonchalant facade, Irina tries to camouflage a tumultuous storm. The monarchs, despite being hailed as protectors, treat Irina as a mere slave. As if destroying her childhood and tormenting her throughout her life wasn’t enough, her father now aspires to slaughter Irina. However, the reason behind the same remains concealed.

After Irina somehow survives the first attack, he decides to alter his approach and conjure a different strategy to pluck her out of the mansion. He then arranges a nuptial between Irina and Henry, a nefarious rogue. But instead of tying the knot with her, Henry joins Irina’s father and begins curating atrocious plans to murder her without being caught. With her brother, fiancè and father standing against her, Irina has no option but to try and escape.

Thank You For Your Betrayal  Chapter 22 Storyline

Irina manifests an intricate plan to escape the wrath of the monarchs. She then stumbles across Duke Ian and engages in a vocal battle, oblivious to his identity. However, despite her efforts, Irina fails to accomplish her endeavour and once again finds herself trapped in the mansion. Meanwhile, Ian’s fascination with Irina prospers and so does his agitation. Due to Irina’s disrespect and verbal whiplash, Ian is torn between fascination and aggression.

He then approaches Irina’s father and offers to marry his daughter, oblivious to Henry’s presence in their lives. His proposal is rejected immediately by the three henchmen in Irina’s life. Despite the rebuff, Ian remains untethered and aspires to convince Irina’s so-called family members.

The previous chapters have constructed a vivid image of Irina’s thorn-clad life. But the betrayal mentioned in the title remains a sort of mystery. Though it is evident that the antagonists Yunsee is hinting at are Irina’s family members, Ian’s sudden intrusion is alarming. Thank You For Your Betrayal Chapter 22 is expected to unveil the mystery.

Thank You For Your Betrayal  Chapter 22 Release Date: FAQs

1. What Is Thank You For Your Betrayal  Manga About?

It is a psychological manga centred around a tortured princess, Irina.

2. Who Is The Author Of Thank You For Your Betrayal?

The manga is written by Yunsee.

3. Is Thank You For Your Betrayal  Adapted From A Novel?

No, Thank You For Your Betrayal is not adapted from a novel.

4. Is Thank You For Your Betrayal  Chapter 22 Release Date Confirmed?

Yes, it is confirmed.

5. When Will Thank You For Your Betrayal  Chapter 22 Release?

Thank You For Your Betrayal Chapter 22 will be released on August 31, 2023.

6. Where To Read Thank You For Your Betrayal  Chapter 22 Online?

You can read the manga online in both Japanese and English languages on Pocket Comics.

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