Clarence Branch Murder: Who Was The Mastermind Behind The Murder Mystery?

There is a discovery series in which we find out the murder case of Clarence Branch. He was murdered for a meaningless argument with his neighbour. After hearing all these you must be wondering who Clarence Branch is. Who killed Clarence and when? Also, you want to know more about Clarence Branch’s murder in more detail. So in this article, we have provided all the details about this case. Also, we have answered all the questions regarding the case. So give this article a read if you want to know more about this case. And go watch the series available on Discovery to get a pictorial representation of the case. This murder case is very interesting and here’s everything you want to know.

Clarence Branch Murder

According to his girlfriend, he was murdered in his apartment on 12 March 1989. On this day, Melanie Cruz was with her friend Ramona Howard in her apartment. They were on a lazy Sunday chat and this is when they heard gunshots from their neighborhood. Upon reaching there they saw a woman crying on the dead body of a man who had been shot. They were the first responders and they identified this man as Clarence Branch who was a 23-year old man.

He was fatally shot in his chest and the bullet pierced his chest. His girlfriend, Cheryl Sinclair and their child were the witnesses of this crime. After the investigation began, the investigators went to Clarence’s apartment and they found things that indicated that a child lived there. Also, they found the 25 bullet casings that hit Clarence. There was only one bullet casing that indicated only one shot was fired.

Who Is The Killer?

There were blood droplets in the area where Clarence’s body was found. But these droplets were a few feet away from the body. This made it evident that the man who hit Clarence was also injured during this crime. After this, the investigators also interviewed the manager of the apartment. At the time of the incident, he was fixing the knob of one of the doors.

According to him, there were two gunshots and he saw two men running out of Clarence’s apartment. These men were unknown to him and he couldn’t identify them. Then April Travis came up with some concrete information. According to her explanation, her children played with Branch’s child. And he was a former military man and was very gentle. Also, he was kind-hearted and helpful as told by all other neighbours. Clarence had two children from his ex-wife from whom he got divorced recently.

April also said that Cheryl was still married and not divorced when she was with Clarence. This made Cheryl the first suspect in the case. After this, the investigators interviewed Cheryl. From her, the investigators got the information that Clarence and Albert James had a fight between them. It was because Albert’s girlfriend babysat Clarence’s child and she had to get 20 dollars from him. Now Clarence didn’t pay her yet which made Albert rage with anger. Then on 12 March, Nathan Emerson and Albert barged in the apartment of Clarence. They broke out a fight with Clarence and finally, Albert shot Clarence on his chest. Nathan was interviewed and he confirmed the facts told by Cheryl. He also said that he didn’t know Albert and he was there to request a ride from Clarence.

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Albert James: Where Is He Now?

Now after finding out the murderer, the police began to search for Albert. After some time they heard that Albert had surrendered with the murder weapon in one of the police stations. But he refused to accept that he had willingly shot the bullet. According to him, it was by accident that the bullet got shot at Clarence. But when the police counter-questioned him, he refused to cooperate and found a lawyer for himself.

After this Cassie Davis, Albert’s girlfriend, arrived at the police station to give her argument. She told me that she owed 20 dollars from Clarence who refused to pay her the amount. Also, during a confrontation the latter pushed her. Now after hearing this Albert couldn’t control himself and went to Clarence. Then they had a confrontation in which this unfortunate incident happened. Albert was charged with second-degree murder charges.

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