Hidden Love Chapter 88 Release Date: When Can We Expect Sang Zhi And Daun Jiaxu’s Return?

Sometimes we fall for someone and find them attractive but cannot confess it. Hidden Love is based on this particular backstory. It is a sweet and simple love story which will feel highly relatable. Covers the complications arising in love and its confessions, it is a must-read for romance book lovers. In case you are wondering about the Hidden Love Chapter 88 Release Date, we have got all the relevant information for you covered here in this article. Keep on reading to find out more!

Hidden Love Chapter 88 Release Date

Fans have been waiting eagerly for the next chapter of Hidden Love. the cute little love story made them hooked on to it. Sometimes it is the normal language and easy stories which is preferred over thrill and action. It becomes the comfort. In case you are wondering about the release date of Hidden Love Chapter 88, it will be made available by the 6th of September, 2023.

It is the story of Sang Zhi who experienced her first romantic relationship that year. Although it was kept a secret from everyone else and only existed in her heart. The friend of her brother, Daun Jiaxu, was the one for whom Sang Zhi developed feelings. So, the secret has become necessary.

Like any other brother-sister duo, Sang Zhi had an extremely strong bond with her brother. Her brother was shown as being protective and possessive towards Sang Zhi. keeping this aside, Sang Zhi could not resist her feelings for Daun Jiaxu. Trouble occurred when her feelings were reciprocated by him as well. So what turns will the hidden love story take? Will this complicate the relationships among them? The whole story can be unwinded in the chapters.

Hidden Love Chapter 88: Speculated Storyline

Hidden Love expertly portrayed the topic of hidden love throughout the Manhwa, delving deeply into the complexities of this difficult feeling. This theme will likely be continued in Chapter 85, revealing light on the characters’ unspoken emotions and the effects of their choices.

Hidden Love has captured the spirit of love in all of its manifestations, from the passionate and obsessive to the sensitive and unselfish. It is a narrative that is brilliantly written. The enthralling connections and illicit romances at the centre of the narrative have drawn in readers.

Chapter 88 is certain to introduce increased drama and unexpected narrative developments if the preceding chapters are any clue. The storyline includes unanticipated turns and twists that keep readers interested and intrigued. Be on the lookout for this chapter’s eagerly anticipated release.

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Hidden Love Chapter 87: Recap

With the recent release of the 87th chapter of Hidden Love, fans have been rooting for the show. Sang Zhi and Daun Jiaxu’s relationship has been shipped from almost the very first chapter. However, in case you have not read the previous chapters, we have got a brief summary ready for you all! Read this and you will be good to go.

In keeping with recent incidents, Sang Zhi is shocked by what Duan kissed on her cheek while he pretended to be asleep. She wasn’t expecting it, so she was taken aback. She asked him what he had done after she awoke, but Duan remained silent.

Sang Zhi demanded a response from him and even addressed him by his full name, but he was more interested in Sang Zhi’s confused expression. However, she is reminded of her friend’s advice and realises that she should be returning Daun’s flirtations in order to make him feel the same way. As a result, she draws Daun in closer.

However, Duan responds that it will be a wonderful move given that they are trying to advance their relationship when Sang Zhi says she will inform him of her brother. With this conclusion, fans eagerly await the release of the next chapter and wonder what will happen next.

Where To Read?

Are you excited to read the next chapter as soon as it is released? Well, we have got you covered. In case you are wondering where to watch it, we have the answer stored in this article. For all the excited and curious readers out there, the next chapter that is Hidden Love Chapter 88 will be made available on Kuaikan Manhwa as soon as it is released. In case you are a newbie here and are looking forward to reading all the previous chapters as well, you can directly head towards the same website. So what are you waiting for? Head straight towards Kuaikan Manhwa to read the chapters! 

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