Black Ops Season 2 Release Date: The BBC Comedy Series

British comedy television series presents us with a different type of humor. British humour to be exact. Over the years these TV shows have gained huge popularity to viewers all over the world. These shows are very dramatic and have peak comedic elements. Black Ops is such a show. We will talk about Black Ops Season 2 release date in this article.

The story revolves around two people. They are Dom and Kay. Both of them are actually police officers but they are working under cover. If their identities get exposed somehow, they will fail in every one of their missions. However, these two community officers did not join the work willingly. Somehow the higher authorities pushed them into doing a job they did not like in the very first place. But their journey has a lot of humor and hiccups.

The audience has dearly accepted this series. If you have watched it, you might also be curious about a new season. So, what can be the possible release date of Black Ops Season 2? To find out more about this, you can take your time to read this article.

Black Ops Season 2 Release Date: Everything We Know

British TV dramas are kind of erratic in their pattern of operation. Once they get immensely famous, the makers start to release season after season. The chance of a sequel depends on a lot of things. If you know about comedy, you know that it depends a lot on how people can relate to the jokes or funny situations. Take ‘Doc Martin’ for example. There have been so many seasons before the final one. The audience has connected very well with the story of it.

Now, Black Ops does have a unique storyline. The plot presents a realistic story and takes us through the daily life of two undercover cops. As far as I know, the fans have loved the first season. Now, everyone might be curious about the sequel. So, what is Black Ops Season 2 release date? Is the British comedy making its return? Here, we will tell you more about Black Ops. But before that, let me answer these questions first, right here. As of now, there is no official news regarding Black Ops Season 2 release date. The creators haven’t talked about its renewal or cancellation.

At first, they will probably consider how well the audience has accepted the characters, Dom and Kay. Then they will look at the reviews. And in the end, they might take a look at any possible loose thread in the story of the first season. All these factors will contribute towards a second installment of Black Ops. So you have to give some time to the studio as well as the writers. If there is a new season, Dom and Kay will be back. But before Black Ops Season 2 release date gets announced, let us not speculate.

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Black Ops Season 1: A Short Recap Of The Story 

As you read at the beginning of this article, Dom and Kay are two cops. These police officers have been entitled to a duty where they will have to work as undercover police officers for the police department. Their area of operations will mainly include the densely populated areas and notorious parts of East London. Although it seems that life is easy, in reality, safety is not so easy to get in East London. The Brightmarsh Gang and its associates have made life a living hell there.

Their presence is so notorious that Detective Clinton Blair even failed in his job. Clinton did not even succeed in entering within the borders of their territories. As a result, he had no other way but to do this job from under the covers. He recruited officers Dom and Kay to work in a different way. They planned to join hands with the operations of the Brightmarsh Gang. As the story moves forward, we get to see how difficult it is getting for Dom and Kay.

The duo is working under extreme pressure. They are working side by side with the gang. We get to see them burying a dead body, and handling huge amounts of narcotics that include cocaine. The problem started when they failed to protect that shipment from getting stolen. The duo encounters a strange friend called Kirsty. Although she appears weird, she helps out them a lot when Dom’s parent’s house gets raided. The whole plot starts to complicate from this point onwards.

Team Behind Black Ops And Where To Watch

This beautifully orchestrated British TV Comedy is made by the showmakers Akemnji Ndifornyen and Gbemisola Ikumelo. They have presented us with a very good show. Ikumelo Gbemisola and Hammed Animashaun play the roles of our undercover officers Dom and Kay. Other notable cast members include Felicity Montagu, Jaz Hutchins, Akemnji Ndifornyen, Robbie Gee, Jo Martin, Ariyon Bakare, Karlina Grace-Paseda, Colin Hoult, and Adam Colbourne.

Black Ops Season 1 has 6 to 8 episodes. If you want to watch the comedy-drama on BBC iPlayer, click here.

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