Hoarders Season 15 Release Date: What Is There To Know About The Series?

In these modern times, due to the number of unprecedented events that we have to face almost every day, people are suffering from various mental disorders that we do not get to know about. When everything around us is changing, it is normal for us to try and keep on holding onto things that are valuable to us. However, when this becomes an obsession, it gives rise to a serious mental disorder. You may or may not have heard about compulsive hoarding disorder. This obsession that we have mentioned above is an instance of the said disease. The American reality television series Hoarders is based on this mental disorder. If you are willing to know more about the series, you will have to continue your reading journey.

Hoarders Season 15 Release Date

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Before getting straight into the details of Season 15 of Hoarders, let us first get to know the series if you already do not know about it. This series was first aired on A&E network in America on 17th August 2009. Since then, the show is still going on. Fans have loved the series. Even after the series came to a conclusion in 2013, due to the immense love of the fans, the show has been made to return for other seasons.

Hoarders received its twelfth season in 2021. It also received a thirteenth season. Currently, in 2023, Hoarders has received its 14th season. The 6 episodes of the 14th season aired on 29th May, 5th June, 12th June, 19th June, 26th June and on 3rd July. Since the 6th episode got aired, people have been constantly asking if Hoarders are going to receive a fifteenth season. What do you think? Will Hoarders return for another season? Let us get to know the answers here.

We have got the news that the production unit of Hoarders has begun shooting for the fifteenth season. They have started their work in Atlanta, Georgia. Although the release date of the fifteenth has not been confirmed as of now, the production of the show has already begun. We are guessing that the show is going to return for its 15th run in 2024. Since Hoarders have already released their 14th season recently, we believe that they are going to release the next season next year instead of releasing it this year.

What Can We Expect From Hoarders 15?

The speciality of the Hoarders television series is to work with people who are having compulsive hoarding disorder. In Season 15 we can expect the same thing to take place. However, this time, the location is not going to stick to Atlanta, Georgia. While the initial stage of shooting has begun in Atlanta, Georgia, the story of the 15th season is going to take you to other places in the United States as well. Although as of now nothing much can be predicted regarding the 15th season of the show, we expect that the upcoming season is going to be equally interesting.

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What Is Hoarders About?

The show Hoarders is all about dealing with people who are having compulsive hoarding disorder. People who have this disorder they do not want to part with their stuff. Even if the stuff is not important, they will not give away that particular thing. They fear that if they part with that thing or stuff, they are going to lose some important part of their lives, they will lose an important possession. These kinds of people are obsessed with hoarding stuff for the sake of keeping things with them forever.

Compulsive hoarding disorder becomes unhygienic when things, junk stuff, keep on piling on top of each other. They can become the source of various diseases. In Hoarders, these people, who are suffering from this disorder, are dealt with by medical experts. The team includes three members: a medical specialist like a psychiatrist or a psychologist, an organizer of stuff, and a cleaning expert. This team of Hoarders help the person suffering from the disorder to overcome their mental health issues. Each episode of Hoarders helps one such family or person. Later on, it has been proved that some of the cases were successful.

Hoarders Streaming Platform

The series Hoarders is available for streaming online. We are guessing that the next season of Hoarders is going to be released on A&E network. You can watch the series on Hulu and Amazon Prime. Remember to have subscription to these platforms without which you will not be able to watch Hoarders.

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