Million Pound Menu Season 3 Release Date: Is The Show Back?

Tv and web shows are the best ways to kill boredom. But sometimes, they help us in learning new things. And when it comes to entertainment plus how-to-do stuff, cooking shows are the best. If you are into them, you already know about popular shows like MasterChef. But BBC has their own cooking reality TV show now. And with just two seasons, they have turned up the heat pretty well.

Million Pound Menu is a reality show that is way different from what we usually think when we think about cooking shows. It’s not like MasterChef where chefs will compete against each other and celebrity chefs will put forward different challenges. On the Million Pound Menu, investors will judge restaurant owners based on their performance. If they perform well and do not crack down under pressure, then they will invest their money in the most efficient one. BBC did a wonderful take on this show. This is the reality of how the food industry usually operates and hence, it has received a huge viewership. 

The show originally premiered back in May 2018. The two seasons are received warmly by the viewers. This is an unseen grey area of restaurant chains, so the concept attracted the masses pretty well within a few days of its release. Now, people want to know about Million Pound Menu Season 3. When is it coming? What can be the release date of the next season? If you are also intrigued to know all these, read the article below. 

Million Pound Menu Season 3 Release Date: Everything We Could Find Out

The TV show was first released on 17th May 2018. Season 1 ended in June. The second season premiered on 8th January 2019. And with two seasons, Million Pound Menu was already a blockbuster show on Netflix as well as on the TV screens. The reality show has managed to keep its episodes fresh and intriguing. Hence, it has become extremely popular with the audience. The gripping moments and the variety of challenges have made Million Pound Menu one of the most favorite cooking shows of all time. Now, the fans want to know about Season 3.

So, when are we getting a new season? What is the release date of Million Pound Menu Season 3? Let us answer this right away. There is no official news regarding a possible Million Pound Menu Season 3 release date. After the pandemic got over, the show is yet to be renewed or canceled. After the 2nd season was over, everything halted due to Covid 19. After the wrath of the pandemic was over, we are yet to know about a possible third installment.

It’s not as if viewers or investors were not responding well, but this is a reality tv show. There’s no storyline to follow or plot to make. It deals with real-life people and real-life situations. Now, as the pandemic is over, we are hopeful about a new season. The restaurant businesses are all fired up and ready to serve their best menus. But as of now, there is no news regarding the release date of Million Pound Menu Season 3.

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Million Pound Menu: What Is This Show About?

If you are someone who keeps up with daily shows, let us sum it up for you. This is the Shark Tank for restaurateurs. Well, the plan is simple. There will be twelve budding restaurant owners. And there will be big investors. The restaurant owners have to fight their way to the top with their skills, creativity, and variability. The one who wins the show will be the luckiest one. In fact, they are all yet to build their restaurants – if they win the show, they will get the resources they need.

In the Million Pound Menu, every one of the contestants will get three days to win over the investors. They will have to put forward their menus, service, quality of food, choice of combos, and excellence in order to create their dream restaurant. The amount of money is huge and the stakes get high with every episode. Twelve contestants fight with all of their hearts to be the best pop-up restaurant in the competition. In seasons 1 and 2, we have seen two sets of contestants challenging each other every week.

Apart from these, all of the budding restaurant owners are interviewed by the investors. See, if you are a chef, then your culinary skills will take you to be a head chef or a celebrity chef. But, managing a team, or working as a team, or deciding on perfect food combos to grow your restaurant? That requires financial strategies as well as business-minded steps. That’s why, we have seen investors discussing with contestants before putting their money in.

Million Pound Menu: Team Behind & Watch Options

The show is presented to us by none other than the legendary Fred Siriex – he has been a part of the restaurant industry for almost three decades. Matthew Hawksley has narrated all the episodes of Seasons 1 and 2. Apart from that, we have entrepreneur Atul Kochhar, Rocco Forte Hotels Director Lydia, Fulham Shore Chairman David Page, and Scott Collins, the man behind the liquor brand MEAT.

All the seasons of Million Pound Menu are available on Netflix. If you want to watch this new age creative culinary show, click here.

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