Petty Relationship Chapter 34 Release Date: What Turns Will Garan Yoo And Geon Go’s Story Take?

Readers of this famous manhwa have shown their immense love and appreciation for it. The story is extremely relatable yet so distinct, so beautiful yet so complicated. Are you still wondering which manhwa we are talking about? Well, it’s about Petty Relationships. The manhwa has shown its credibility in all the 33 chapters. It’s time for it to win the hearts of the readers for the 34th time. The manhwa is right around the corner. We can witness the release real soon. Till then keep yourself calm and read this article till the end to learn about Petty Relationship Chapter 34 Release Date. It will also cover a few other pieces of information in the manhwa Petty Relationships. So don’t miss it!

Petty Relationship Chapter 34 Release Date

Fans have been way too excited for the release of the 34th chapter of this manhwa Petty Relationship. Well, there’s a piece of great news for you all. It will be released on the 1st of September, 2023. The official information on the same has been released. However in case you have not yet read the previous ones, we have got a solution for that as well. In this article, as you scroll down, there is a summary provided for you. It is in the previous chapter which will help you keep updated on the story.

The manhwa is mostly loved by teenage girls who are always seen as average image holders. They are never chosen. This manhwa is for those girls who are stuck in their monotonous lives. It’s a story from an average girl Garan Yoo to another average girl. The story has been successful in gaining huge love from the readers as well as critics. A sweet and simple story that throws light on the mental situation of an average girl. But wait, How will this low-profile high school girl react to a proposal after being single all her life? Who will be the one proposing to her? Will this nerd fall in love? Let us read the article below to get a gist of the previous chapters!

Petty Relationship Chapter 33: Recapitulation

In the previous chapter, we have seen the turpitude behaviour of Geon Go. But the question here is was it true? Or was it all in Garan Yoo’s head? To know about it you have to read this short summary on the previous chapter of Petty Relationships.

Garan Yoo is characterised as a silent and unseen teenage girl. She is one who can be in the background and can very poisely work on the side role but the main character? Well, that’s a doubt or precisely said impossibility! With this, we move forward wherein we find the handsome hunk of the class to propose to her. Well, it was not a complete proposal. All that happened was Geon Go came to Garan and said he wanted to confess something. This brought huge hopes in the mind and heart of ‘single-forever’ Garan Yoo. 

To her very surprise when Geon Go opened his mouth for the big confession, all he said was she was going to die that night. The statement Geon Go made that Garan Yoo will pass away tonight stuck in her thoughts as Garan Yoo returned home, albeit a little dejected. Again, Garan Yoo didn’t give it much thought as she went about her daily activities before bed. However, once she started to sleep, her dream seemed a little too real. 

Again being naive, Garan Yoo started assaulting the snake despite Geon Go’s cautions since she believed she was only being self-conscious in a dream. Garan Yoo was ultimately successful in defeating the snake, but when she awoke, she noticed that her face was covered in blood when she glanced in the mirror. 

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Petty Relationship Chapter 34: Expected Storyline

In case you are curious to know about Petty Relationships Chapter 34, we have a brief expectation on that. Since she started having the same horrors every night increasing the episode before it, Garan Yoo’s hallucinations have increased in frequency. Thus, Garan Yoo passes away shortly after Geon Go, who was guarding her, dies.

In a later section of the chapter, we will learn a little bit about the beginning stages of Garan Yoo, from when she was still just a baby. From this to that state when she was seven and spending time with her grandparents and learning Judo. 

Where To Read It?

The readers can find the access of Petty Relationship on Webtoons. The previous chapters are also available on the same platform. 

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