Dungeon Odyssey Chapter 64 Release Date, Storyline And More!

Supernatural manhwa are on the rise. The genre of the supernatural is extremely famous when it comes to manhwa. One such manhwa that we are going to discuss today is Dungeon Odyssey. Dungeon Odyssey is a supernatural manhwa that the fans absolutely love. The story arcs have various ups and downs and intense action moments. Do you want to know when will Chapter 64 of the manhwa be released? If you do want to know about the release date of Chapter 64 of Dungeon Odyssey, we will say that you have come to the right place. Here, we are going to discuss the release date of the next chapter and aspects of the story of Dungeon Odyssey.

Dungeon Odyssey Chapter 64 Release Date And More

Dungeon Odyssey has received various chapters up to date. The manhwa has received 63 chapters as of now. Chapter 64 is going to be released soon. The release date of the upcoming manhwa chapter has been confirmed. Yes, you have read it right! The 64th chapter of Dungeon Odyssey is going to be released on 1st September 2023. The chapter is going to be released at 12 midnight according to Korean Standard Time (KST). In most of the countries, the manhwa chapter will be released on 31st August. The time of release may differ based on the time zones of the different countries.

Will Dungeon Odyssey have other chapters? Yes, Dungeon Odyssey is going to have other chapters. The storyline of the manhwa is taking important turns. The creators are not going to leave the manhwa before reaching the climax. Hence, we are sure that Dungeon Odyssey is not going to come to an end soon enough. This manhwa has a long way to go. Therefore, it can be assured that Dungeon Odyssey is going to receive more chapters as the days pass by.

Will Dungeon Odyssey be converted into a drama? It is a known fact that when a manhwa becomes popular, the creators decide to adapt a drama version of them. However, this does not happen every time. Considering the storyline of the Dungeon Odyssey, we do not think that it has a chance of getting adapted into a Korean drama. If the creators had such plans, they would have thought about it since the beginning of the manhwa. However, since there have been no such plans, we think that Dungeon Odyssey is not going to receive a drama adaptation.

Dungeon Odyssey Storyline

Odyssey refers to a Greek epic by Homer. The main concept of the Odyssey is the theme of return and nostalgia for the homeland. Similarly, in this manhwa, there is a theme of return that is working. No matter how much you try to cut off your roots, you cannot because you are made from them. You cannot help but have to return to your original space from where you came. That is the main concept of the manhwa. The theme of return is strong in this manhwa. Therefore, without any more delay, let us get into the story of the manhwa as soon as possible.

Before the beginning of the manhwa, a war was being waged between the underground and the aboveground. It was during this time that humanity on earth had a new inclusion: the “dungeon babies”. These babies are not normal. They have special powers and skills. A part of these babies is our protagonist, Kim Jinwoo. However, Jinwoo does not want to be a dungeon baby. He wants to live a normal life. In the beginning, he is in fact trying to live a normal life, but everything goes upside down when one day he becomes the new lord of a new world, that is a labyrinth!

Dungeon Odyssey Chapter 64 Expectations

The next chapter of the manhwa is going to be a continuation of the storyline. In the next chapter of Dungeon Odyssey, we are going to witness Valecious coming to their full form. There will be a comeback of another character, that is High Elf of the Golden Age. In short, it can be stated that the next chapter of the manhwa is going to be super interesting, and we can expect to witness some interesting and engaging fighting scenes. It will be a treat for everyone reading the manhwa.

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Dungeon Odyssey Reading Platform

The manhwa Dungeon Odyssey is available for reading online. The chapters are available in both Korean and English. The Korean version of the manhwa is getting released on Kakao Page, while the English version of the manhwa has been made available to us by Tapas Media. Therefore, it can be concluded that you can read the manhwa online in both the languages.

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