Your Eternal Lies Chapter 70 Release Date: When Is The New Chapter Releasing?

Korean manhwas are known for their engaging storylines. Sometimes these stories are not simple romance stories but they have more to them. One such manhwa that we are going to discuss today is Your Eternal Lies. Your Eternal Lies is one popular manhwa. People are going crazy about it. We have already received 69 chapters of the story as of now. If you want to know about the release date of Your Eternal Lies Chapter 70, you have visited the right place to know your answers. Therefore, without any further delay, let us delve into what we have collated so far.

Your Eternal Lies Chapter 70: Release Date And More

Your Eternal Lies Chapter 69 has been released recently. People who have already read this chapter are wondering as to when Chapter 70 of the manhwa is going to be released. Well, worry not because the release date of the next chapter has been announced. Yes! You have read it right. The release date of Chapter 70 has been confirmed by the creators of the manhwa. The next chapter, that is Chapter 70, is going to be released on 28th August at 10 P.M. Korean Standard Time (KST). You can calculate the release timing in your place by keeping KST as your reference.

Will the other chapters of Your Eternal Lies be released soon? Although we have not received the release dates of other chapters other than Chapter 70, we are sure that the chapters are going to be released one after the other. Once one chapter gets released, the release date of the next chapter is going to be announced. Therefore, you do not have to worry about the release of the next chapters because they are going to be released on their scheduled dates.

Will Your Eternal Lies be adapted into a Korean drama? As of now, the creators of the manhwa have not decided if they are going to adapt the manhwa into a Korean drama. The manhwa is in its building phase. Therefore, we need to give time to the manhwa to be ripe enough for it to be adapted into a drama. Currently, the creators have not said anything about this matter. If they are willing to convert it into a drama version, we will get to know about it. Since there has been no such announcement, it is safe to assume that Your Eternal Lies will not be converted into a drama.

Your Eternal Lies Storyline

The storyline of Your Eternal Lies is pretty engaging. It is a coalesce of romance and fantasy. The start of the manhwa is promising enough for you to move ahead with it. It revolves around interesting story plots and instances. It is like, every chapter opens something new for the readers. Therefore, you will not at all be bored while reading the manhwa. The manhwa deals with crime as well. This manhwa revolves around crime which makes it way more interesting.

The story of Your Eternal Lies revolves around a girl named Rosen Walker. She is 17 years old, and she is jailed at this age. But why? She murdered her husband which is why she is serving her time in prison. However, she is not someone ordinary. She is a jailbreaker. She has escaped from jail twice, but unfortunately, she is captured once again. This time she has been sentenced to life and is getting deported to the world’s dangerous prison. It is during this deportation that she gets to meet Ian Connor who is in charge of deporting her.

The two are very different from each other. One is a perfect man, the other is an imperfect girl. How is love going to bloom between them? If you are willing to get your answers, you will have to read Your Eternal Lies.

Your Eternal Lies Chapter 70 Storyline

Well, Chapter 70 is going to be a continuation of whatever happened in Chapter 69. The storyline is not going to change, but we are definitely going to get something new this time. The story is going through twists and turns and Chapter 70 is going to be another manifestation of it.

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Your Eternal Lies Reading Platform

The manhwa Your Eternal Lies is available for reading online. Yes, you have read it right. You can now read the manhwa on Manta. Chapter 70 is going to be made available there. The other chapters that are going to be released are also going to be available on Manta. The manhwa is available in English there.

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