Where Is Amarjeet Sada Now? Is The Serial Killer Dead Or Alive?

Amarjeet Sada born in a remote village of Bihar, Mushahar in India, was born to the couple Parul and Balaram, born in 1998. As the born of a child excites every family, similar was the parents’ happiness to bring their son home, who thought he would live a happy life and spread joy wherever he went. But the things turned out to be tremendously opposite.

The boy was born in a small village where people struggled hard to earn some money and live their lives. Even this was the same condition for Amarjeet’s parents. But who knew this boy would turn out to be an infant serial killer, murdering three people at the age of seven only?

Today we’ll be discussing more of this boy’s early life, his parent’s struggle, behaviors, and the murders he perpetrated. If you too feel intrigued I know about this serial killer who shook up the world with his villainous crime. You are at the right place as we’ve covered every small point about the boy. 

Where Is Amarjeet Sada Now?

After committing such a villainous crime of three brutal murders at the age of seven, Amarjeet a young boy from Bihar was handed over to police custody at the age of 8. And was sent to a children’s school, who was told to have a conduct disorder, and who felt pleasure in killing people.

When he was free from jail at the age of 18, he changed his name to Samrjit and must have probably roamed around in the streets of India. As there is no news of the boy after being released from jail, we can’t say about his residences or the work he does, but just hope that him doing something good work. 

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Who Is Amarjeet Sada?

One can never imagine a boy only seven years old murdering in a row of three infant children. Yes, it was in the year 2007, when Inida was honored with a world record of having the youngest killer in the country. Though it wasn’t a title of honor or any respect instead, the news that shook up the entire nation. 

Amarjeet Sada, was born in Bihar, Inida to Parul and Balram. They thought he was born a good son them who would study, grow up become their strength, and spread happiness and love wherever he went. But this was not the scene. Amarjeet being the only son of his parents was quite stubborn.

One day when he asked for a toy his mother replied him they were poor and couldn’t buy it for him. This was the time when they lost their innocent son. He remained quiet and angry all the time. His parents noticed he had temperamental issues and remained alone and silent all the time.

Amarjeet, A Serial Killer

In the year 2006, Amarjeet when he was just 7 years old, in the days of playing and studying committed the first murder of his life. His aunt Meena, came to seek help from his mother, Parul to keep her son, just 6-moth-old and take care of him. Meena said to send money to PArul to feed her son.

One day when she was out shopping, Amarjeet tickled the child, pulled his ears, and irritated him. The child started crying and when it was out of control for Amrjeet he choked the child to death and buried him in the field. When his mother Parul, returned home, without guilt Amarjeey said everything to the mother and his father Balaram. The parents covered up his mistake to save him from the police case by Meena, saying it was an accident to her. 

The second murder he committed was of his sister. When Amarjeet was 8 years old, Parul gave birth to a daughter and she once left her daughter alone with MArjeet to take a nap. Till the time she was able to calculate that she made a mistake leaving the infant with his cruel son, everything was finished. Parul saw his little girl lying on the bed dead.

When this was rumored in the village everyone remained frightened of Amarjeet. Everyone asked his parents to give him to the police but his parents never agreed. This only gave confidence to Amarjeet to murder the third infant. this time he saw the baby crying in the school, who was left by her mother as it was the safe place. While crossing the paths AMrjeet saw the infant crying and killed her. When her mother arrived saw, Amrjeet, and asked for her daughter, he without any guilt said she was dead and he killed and buried her.

The villagers without seeking and confirming from his parents left the place soon and handed over Amarjeet to the police. When he was treated the psychiatrists said, he suffered from conduct disorder which gave him happiness to kill others especially the kids who can’t refrain. At the age of 18 Amrjeeet was released.  

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