Is The Engineer Based On A True Story? Let’s Find Out

Movies that show us military operations against terrorist groups are quite exciting. The action-packed scenes and their gripping storyline never fail to amaze the audience. Especially the ones that involve finding out the mastermind behind terrorist attacks are probably one of the best suspenseful movie categories. The Engineer is a film that showcases a mission against a bombing mastermind.

In the movie, we get to see Yahya Ayyash, the man behind some tragic and impactful bomb blasts. As the title suggests, he is the maker of these explosives that take out a lot of people’s lives through one blast. The Israeli Military Forces have been searching for Yahya Ayyash for years due to the immense amount of people he has managed to kill. Either it was suicide bombing, or crowd bombs by IEDs. Since he was getting out of hand, Israel’s forces started a hunt against this man.

We will talk about the story later. Let us focus on the topic now. So, is The Engineer based on a true story? The audience wants to know about this. If you are also interested to know, stay and read this article here.

Is The Engineer Based On A True Story? Exploring The Facts

Fighting crime and terrorism at any level is a great example to set for the world. People who love to be violent upfront can be put down easily. But people who work from behind the walls are the most dangerous. You never know what might be coming next. These masterminds just stay behind good and safe covers and use others as pawns to execute their dangerous plans. Such is the story of Yahya Ayyash. When The Engineer released its trailer, it got a huge number of views.

After watching the movie, fans are quite happy with the plot. Now, the audience is currently curious about something else. We know it’s a movie but somehow it seems to be connected to reality at some point. So, is The Engineer based on a true story? Does the film show real events that happened somewhere? Well, let me clear your doubts. Yes. The Engineer is based on a true story. Yahya Ayyash was a real-life mastermind behind deadly explosions in the 1990s. He was the sole reason for so many deaths that happened in this time frame. 

Yahya can be considered an engineer who crafted tactics for carrying out terrorist attacks that shocked Israel. RDX, IEDs, and sleeper cell attacks were the most common ways of Yahya. One of his deadliest tactics was the explosion of a bus in Tel Aviv. This notorious bomber died on 5th January 1996 due to a cell phone explosion. This is still controversial – some people believe he was killed by the people hired by the Israeli militia. His death caused a huge stir. Gradually, it became a big reason for the fight between Israel and Palestine.

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The Engineer: Hunt For The Mastermind From Hamas

As you read before, The Engineer is based on a true story. The movie takes us back to a time when Israel was shaken by terrorists. Their bombings are terrorizing Israelis with a great number of bloodsheds. Innocent people are falling prey to the hands of the terrorists. One day, one of these bombings takes away the life of an innocent American girl. She is none other than the daughter of the Senator of the United States. So, under his instructions, USA hires back Agent Etan. Etan is quite experienced – he was a part of MOSSAD back in the day.

Etan builds up a team for his mission. Under his command, they will go to the location and start their investigation. Agent Etan’s main goal is to find out the man who is behind all these horrific explosions. This team is not your ordinary soldiers – they are a group of expert and alert mercenaries who will not quit. No matter how high the stakes go, Etan and his team will find and nullify the real threat who has made the innocent lives of people hell. As the story progresses, we get to see Etan and his mercenary team getting close to the notorious ‘engineer’ who designs these plans and explosives. Will they be able to nullify this threat before more innocent lives get killed by bombs? To know more about this, you will have to see this film.

Team Behind The Engineer And Where To Watch It

Danny A. Abeckaser has directed this film. He always wanted to do some project regarding Israel, so Danny did the best he could to prepare The Engineer for us. Kosta Kondilopoulos has written this excellent plot. Emile Hirsch of ‘Into The Wild’ plays the role of Agent Etan here. Other notable actors include Angel Bonanni, Tzahi Halevi, Yarden Toussia-Cohen, Omer Hazan, and Adam Haloon.

The movie was released under Lionsgate Pictures on 18th August 2023. If you want to watch the film, you can watch The Engineer on Amazon Prime by clicking here.

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