How Did Micah Holsonback Die? How Is Matthew Queen Related To The Case? Let’s Try To Decode The Murder Mystery!

There have been many cases of death and murder in the past which makes us hard to believe the reality. In such situations, even courts find it difficult to find out the truth. These cases fall so harsh on the public and society that it takes ages to forget them. One such case was the Micah Holsonback murder case. Readers have been trying to decode the answer to How Did Micah Holsonback Die? Well if you are looking for the same answer, keep reading.

How Did Micah Holsonback Die?

Early in the 1980s, in Arkansas, Cheryl Holsonback and her husband Lance Holsonback welcomed Micah Holsonback into the world. The family moved to California while he was in the third grade, and he grew up with a brother named Luke. Being a clever child from the start, Micah frequently provided statistics, earning him the moniker “Stats.”

He seems to have undergone a significant transformation in the middle of the decade of the 2010s, according to Lance, his father. Micah may have changed as a result of the increasing painkiller dosage. He actually overdosed on Fentanyl-laced OxyContin in 2015 and eked out a narrow escape.

Micah terminated his job as a banker as a result of this event, and his connection with his extended family soon began to deteriorate. He worked together with two buddies, James Kulstad and Baylee Despot, to assemble guns in their garage.

Micah, however, mysteriously disappeared in March of that year. It wasn’t till August of that same year that a severed arm was discovered in a bag in a lake at Hart Park. Anybody could find any trace of Micah. His head along with additional bones was discovered shortly after near Lake Ming. Ultimately, it was claimed that Micah Holsonback’s death was due to blunt-force head injuries.

Where is Matthew Queen Now?

Matthew Queen was put on trial for the killing of Micah Holsonback not long after being detained. He had been acquitted of the killing in the first degree on May 5, 2022. This was done after a judge deemed him not to be liable for Micah’s torturing and abduction. Nevertheless, Queen was adjudged guilty of a number of gun-related offences. Along with that the lower allegations of second-degree murder in Micah’s murder case.

On June 7, 2022, a month after being found guilty, Queen received the exact same punishment of 30 to life in jail + 56 years. He unsuccessfully challenged his murder conviction with the help of his lawyers in February 2023. Although awaiting discharge, which he might be qualified for in July 2044, Queen is at present finishing his term in California. Therein he is going through substance abuse treatment.

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Who Killed Micah Holsonback?

Micah Holsonback’s dispersed remains were found, and the authorities immediately launched an inquiry to learn more about his horrific crime. The mothers of the Bakersfield 3 banded together to aid the investigation into the crimes. They became community leaders in addition to starting a website. The Bakersfield 3 were positively identified as having involvement in Micah’s murder as the inquiry went on, according to the authorities.

In any case, Baylee was missing at the time of the investigation, and Matthew Queen, her ex-boyfriend, was viewed by the police as a prime suspect. She may be thought to have been living with him when Micah and the crew were putting together weaponry for him. After the victim implied that he had committed a sexual assault on a woman, the victim allegedly became enraged. In accordance with Queen’s allegations, Micah pointed the rifle at Baylee as soon as she had entered the room. He took advantage of this diversion and threw Micah to the ground.

The victim’s body was to be dismembered, according to Queen, and then dumped into the water. Prior to doing this, they carried Micah’s body through the garage of Matthew Vandecasteele. He was one of the Queen’s closest friends around the time. There, they disassembled the body and then dispersed the components in various places. The authorities charged Matthew Queen in April 2022. They had him detained in connection with the murder, torture, and disposal of the victim, Micah, who had died several years before.

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