How Did Alana Chen Die? Was She Killed By Wrong Religious Belief?

Recently, the concept of conversion therapy has been in high talk. A few manage to escape from the brutality of this mentally draining operation while others fail to voice against it! This story reminds us of Alana Chen and her mentally abusive conversion therapy. Her suffocation journey will truly give you goosebumps. Unfortunately, she couldn’t escape from this cruel treatment! “Dear Alana“, an Apple podcast explains to us how some of these religious leaders and pastoral committees are trying to change people’s original sexuality. 

The same thing happened with Alana Chen! Her mother has finally opened up to all of us, the newly launched podcast is specifically made to save a ton of lives out there. Her mother still regrets the fact that her daughter did not receive the help she deserved. Alana Chen was a beautiful young girl, but her deadly ending will truly shock you all. 

How Did Alana Chen Die? Was She Killed By Wrong Religious Belief? 

How Did Alana Chen Die? Was She Killed By Wrong Religious Belief?

It all started when she accepted to a pastor that she feels more inclined towards females. This is where her conversion therapy started, after years of torture, at last, she decided to end her life! Unfortunately, no one was there to understand her pain, not even her own mother could help her. As per records, she was 13, when she had the opportunity to be part of two summer camps. One was with Sacred Heart of Mary Catholic Church, while the other one was at St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic Church. According to the information gathered by us, it was Father David Nix who thought of helping her out. He might call it “spiritual direction”, but this was nothing more than brainwashing. 

For almost eight years, Alana had a one-on-one session with Nix, where he would convince her that she was following the path of Satan and was not leading a normal life. Unlike her three older siblings, Alana had a very strong belief in the church community. In fact, she wanted to become a nun and David also tried to use her passion against her opinions and feelings. From changing pastoral guidance to being with sisters, she has tried it all. To some extent, Alana’s strong faith initially became one of the main reasons behind her early death. Shockingly enough, even after her mother, Joyce, was against conversion therapy, Alana did not mind taking up one! 

As a result of the conversion therapy, she started becoming even more paranoid and depressed. There were moments when this young little teenager was so scared that she even feared entering a Church. To help their daughter, her parents even thought of giving her proper medical treatment. But at the end of the day, she decided to end her life! It was 7th December 2020, when the 24-year-old woman went missing and the very next day, the police discovered her suicide note and her dead body. 

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The Slow Killing Of Alana Chen – From A Being Lively Individual To A Depressed Soul! 

How Did Alana Chen Die? Was She Killed By Wrong Religious Belief?

According to her parents, Joyce and Michael Chen, Alana was always seen as a happy-go-lucky girl. She was very lively, helpful, and kind. From talking to beggars to giving free ice-creams to kids, her personality was never questioned by outsiders. She was also quite religious and forward-looking. But with years of wrong counseling and guidance, and brutal conversion therapy, she had lost all of her self-confidence! This little young girl was slowly killed silently! To a heavy extent, the controversial religious leaders and staff were responsible for the untimely demise of Alana Chen. 

Moreover, we cannot ignore the fact that Alana had clearly mentioned in her suicide note that years of conversion therapy had killed her psychological thinking. From being a charming individual to getting severe panic attacks and leading a traumatizing life, Alana’s mother still misses her old little girl. Alana Chen is just another person who suffered within the four walls of wrong religious beliefs and rituals. Her dead body was found near Gross Reservoir in Nederland. But the most shocking part of this particular case is even after the banning of conversion therapy, Alana couldn’t be saved! That’s all from our end, to learn more about such other eye-opening crimes, stay connected with us, just right here.

How Did Alana Chen Die? Was She Killed By Wrong Religious Belief? – FAQs

1. Was Alana Chen murdered?

No, Alana Chen was not murdered physically but was tortured mentally.

2. Did the 24-year-old, Alana Chen commit suicide? 

Yes, the 24-year-old, Alana Chen had committed suicide. 

3. Did Alana Chen want to become a nun?

Yes, Alana Chen wanted to become a nun. 

4. Who was the father who misguided Alana Chen?

Father David Nix was the man who originally misguided Alana Chen. 

5. Did Alana’s parents force her to undergo conversion therapy?

No, Alana’s parents did not force her to undergo conversion therapy. 

6. Was Alana Chen brutally tortured in conversion therapy?

Yes, Alana Chen was brutally tortured in conversion therapy. 

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