Where Is Michael Lawson Now? Why Did He Kill Bethany? Detailed Life Study!

There has been an increase in homicide cases nowadays. One such series provided by NBC is ‘Dateline: Mystery at Bootleggers Cove‘. It shows the case of Bethany Correira who went missing. This was the case in 2003 when she went missing from her apartment in Alaska. After a year of this incident, her body remains were found by the police. It took a lot of time to get justice for Bethany and get punishment for the murderer. Now after hearing about Bethany and this case, people may think that how did Bethany die? Who killed Bethany and when did she get killed? Where is Michael Lawson now? To get answers to all these questions read this article carefully till the end.

Where Is Michael Lawson Now?

Mike was the killer of Bethany and he was arrested on murder charges. But the trial wasn’t easy as before the trial Bob Lawson killed himself. Bob died due to carbon monoxide poisoning which he did by himself. Now it has become a challenge for the prosecution team. There was no videotape confession as Bob was more. Also, now cross-examination couldn’t be done. But the prosecution was lucky as there was a recorded phone call by Bob to Mike which became the evidence. There were many challenges and a lack of evidence. Still, the prosecution managed to prove the crimes done by Mike. After Michael was found guilty, he was charged with second-degree felony murder.

After his crimes were confirmed he was charged with several allegations. These included murder charges, weapon misconduct charges, and tampering charges. Now as the case went to the superior court, it merged the two murder charges into one. And Mike was sentenced to 99 years of imprisonment by the court. Currently, Mike is serving his sentence at the Spring Creek Correctional Center, Alaska.

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Bethany Correira: How Did She Die?

Bethany Rose Correira was born on 29 August 1981 in Alaska to Billy and Linda Correira. Her family lived in Talkeetna but they moved to Massachusetts. Now her family started living in a log cabin in the 1970s. Talkeetna is very famous as many tourists come there to witness the breathtaking views and see the Northern lights. There people live a natural life with hunting and fishing. Bethany has tomboy-like characteristics and she didn’t believe the gender norms.

She has sailed in the South Pacific, worked in base camps with climbers, and also visited Nepal when she was just twenty years old. Bethany also worked in an airline in Nome where she had her boyfriend who was a pilot. After all, she thought of studying medicine which was her dream goal. So she went to college at Anchorage in 2003 to complete her goal.

For studying there, she had to stay in an apartment in Bootlegger’s Cove. It was April 2003, that she shifted to her newly rented apartment. After she shifted there, Micheal Lawson gave her the job of cleaning vacant apartments.

Then Linda came to Anchorage and knocked on Bethany’s door but she didn’t get any response. Now Linda started getting nervous for her daughter but she didn’t lose it and visited the garage sale alone. After she returned to Bethany’s apartment, she didn’t get any trace of her daughter. Now this was when she contacted the authorities and told them that Bethany was missing. It took one year to find the decomposed remains of Bethany’s skeleton. This was a very difficult task as it was nearly impossible to get the cause of death. But later on, it was found that Bethany was shot which became the reason for her death.

Who Is The Killer Of Bethany?

After the Lawson brothers were charged with fraud for a business loan, the truth came out. Bob Lawson said that he had helped Mike in decomposing Bethany’s body. It was an accident that Mike shot Bethany when he was on cocaine. They drove Bethany 129 miles off the apartment and decomposed her body there. After this, they burnt down the adjacent complex to manipulate the crime. Then the police officers made Bob make a phone call in which Mike confessed his crime.

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