Han Dae Sung Returned From Hell Chapter 49 Release Date, Spoiler, & Recap

The series, including the manga and manhwa fights between the gods and the demons, have been the strongest point of attraction for all readers from different parts of the world. The readers get so excited and interested in the unique plots of each new release, that they can just hold themselves back from reading the books. However, it feels heavy to hold books, so the manga has been releasing their novels on their official website as well. 

Han Dae Sung Returned From Hell is one of the new releases of manga which includes, the hero, Han Dae who is seen fighting with the boos of the dungeons in the highest level of the game, the fans wonder who will win the battle for its is the fight between two most powerful people in the game. When the monster is left unreacted by his blows and actions everyone feels how powerful is the monster.

Today we’ll be discussing more of the series, in this article. If you too feel interested in knowing more about the series, you are at the right place as by reading this article you will find every important point of the series covered by the end of this article for sure. 

Han Dae Sung Returned From Hell Chapter 49 Release Date

After the great success of the earlier 48 chapters of the series, in demand of the readers, the publishers have made it public to release chapter 49 on their official website Kakao Page on September 5, 2023. The series is sure to take the readers back into the world of fights and battles between humans and monsters to make them go crazy by seeing their action-packed scenes. 

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Recap Of The Series

In the recent chapters of the series, we saw Dae Sung emerging in the battle with the kast bos of the monster dungeons at their highest level of the game. during the fight, Dae Sung noticed the monster was so powerful that none of his blows could make him feel pain. this made Dae Sung feel the reason and how to conquer this powerful monster.

Further, he found, that the reason behind the monster being so strong is that he can use the power of Thunder Dragon Fury and Dragn KNigght Skills. this makes the dungeon’s last boss Vallacre more powerful than Dae Sung. To beat him, he tries to find out will the lizard change into a dragon or not. And if yes how will this transformation happen?

While he was searching for the answer a ghost appeared in front of Dae Sung asking him the reason for waking up all the apostles. The fans got excited reading the plot in the previous chapters and demanded the publishers to take the story forward as they needed to see, what was going to happen next in the upcoming chapters of the series. 

Predicted Plot Of Chapter 49

In the last chapter 48, we saw, the hunters of the KHA Hunter Association deciding the terms and conditions on how the meeting shall proceed from now onwards. They say as the photos are not clear there will be a few challenges for they need to clear the A-Rank Gate. 

Further, we see, Choyoung in the hospital not taking her meal and is being scolded by the nurse, for having her meal else she will leave the ringer there and it will be of no use further. Hunters sitting in the police car, say that as easy it seems to defeat Lee Seokwoo, it won’t be that easy for he is quite strong and thus it would become difficult for the monsters to kill it. 

Later we see, Ryu Jungsoo and Jo Hanwook, talking about Seoyeon, who he feels has left for training but is not sure where is he at present. In answer to this, Hanwook says she is training in Silicon Valley for the Development of aura, and thus he is waiting for her to come back to Korea soon, to meet her and know how was her training period there.

Where Is The Series Available

The series, Han Dae Sung Returned From Hell is available on their official website, including all the released chapters, the upcoming new chapters and everything is to be released here on their official page. Fans can thus read the series here on the Kakao Page

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