How Did Annie McCann Die? Delving Into The Mystery

When we are teenagers, we ought to be given some liberty by our parents. Yes, it is true that parents want good for us, but they cannot restrict us all the time. If you restrict your child for too long, you may push them towards danger unknowingly. This is the same case that happened with Annie McCann. Her case was shown in ABC Network’s “20/20: Answers For Annie.” This case happened in 2008. You may learn something from this case. Therefore, without any further delay let us get to know about the case of Annie McCann.

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How Did Annie McCann Die?

Annie McCann was born into a good household. Her parents, Mary Jane and Dan McCann loved their daughter immensely. What went wrong? As parents, they were doing a good job, but they put too many restrictions on Annie. As a teenager, she was barely allowed to use the internet. It is crucial to let your children explore the world when they reach their teenage years, but Annie’s parents were not allowing her to do so. She was always indulged in her school and her studies. She never got the chance to understand that there is a world beyond her academics.

As a result, Annie decided to take a drastic step. The 16-year-old went missing on the morning of 31st October 2008. That Halloween was the worst for the McCann family. Before leaving her house, she took with her $1000, some clothes and her favourite, Cheerios. What is astonishing is that Annie left a note before she took the decision to leave her house. It was in that note where she mentioned that she even thought about killing herself but eventually ended up deciding to leave the house instead. This proves that Annie was frustrated with how her parents were restricting her all the time.

Annie did not leave the house without taking any vehicle with her. Instead, she took her parents’ Volvo car with her. The 16-year-old was not found for 2 whole days. It was discovered in a municipal dumpster, 50 miles away, on 2nd November 2008. It was then that the police tried to investigate the reason for her death. When her body was sent for a medical examination to determine the cause of her death, it was discovered that the cause of her death was a high dosage of Lidocaine which is found in Bactine.

What Did The Police Interpret?

At first, it was interpreted that it was a case of homicide. Later on, the police concluded that Annie McCann killed herself. It was concluded to be a case of suicide. However, the parents of McCann were not satisfied with the interpretation. They wanted the case to be investigated further. They wanted a proper closure for the case. Due to this, they even hired various police officers, from ex to current, to probe into the case. Consequently, every acquaintance of Annie McCann was interrogated in the procedure.

Annie McCann, before her death, did not throw herself into the dumpster by herself. Instead, her body was first found by Darnell Kinlaw in her car. He threw the deceased body into the dumpster before going for a “drive” with his friends in the car. Thus, the truth behind the fingerprints on Annie’s body was discovered.

The 16-year-old was even found with an older woman, hours prior to her death. However, the exact relationship between the woman and Annie was not discovered.

When the body of the teenager was prepared for the funeral, the worker preparing the body found certain injuries on wounds on Annie’s body. Eventually, the police suspected that Annie was subjected to some sort of sexual violence, however, there was no proof.

After several investigations were conducted, it was finally concluded once and for all that Annie died of Lidocaine poisoning that is found in Bactine and that she consumed it herself. Since there was no more evidence regarding the case, all the investigations were stopped and the conclusion was reached.

Nevertheless, Annie McCann’s parents are not satisfied with the ending. They are still fighting for a proper closure because they feel it is their duty to make sure that no other child suffers the same fate.

Where Can You Read The Actual News?

If you are willing to read the entire news report on Annie McCann, we suggest that you check ABC Network for more information. There you will be able to know about the entire case in more detail. Since this news has been taken up by ABC Network, it is available on their page.

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