As If Love Doesn’t Exist Chapter 10 Release Date, Spoiler, Plot & Everything You Must Know

In the era where people not only from Japan or Korea are interested in watching and reading manga and manhwa series, we have gone audiences and readers from different parts of the world who have been constant fans of anime and readers of manga and manhwa series.

Today we’re back with one of the most searched manga series on the web. the series is a recent release of manga but at the same time is the most read and most popular series. The series we are talking about is As If Love Doesn’t Exist. This is a comedy, drama, and love fantasy tale which by its earlier stories has made the series amazing by its beautiful plot and characters in the series.

So, if you too are interested and excited to know more about the Webtoon series you are at the right place as we have covered all the important points regarding the series, it recap of old chapters and all the upcoming chapters of the series. 

As If Love Doesn’t Exist Chapter 10 Release Date

The series “As If Love Doesn’t Exist”, is a complete package of comedy, drama, love, and fantasy. The series has been releasing its chapters in recent days, but now by the demand of readers, it is releasing its new chapters soon. With this, chapter 10 is soon to be released on August 22, 2023, on the official website of the Webtoon series. 

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Recap Of The Series

The series is a comedy and dramatic tale that revolves around the life of a girl named, Siyeon who was living a blissful and tension-free life in recent years. But when the truth was in front f him, it shook her world up making her cry out loud.

Siyeon found out y some reasons that the parents she thought were her real parents were actually not her parents, her fiance she thought was real was also a fake one, and the cousin whom she trusted so much was also a fake person. These truths and reality have just made her feel so sad and hurt.

After seeing her state and her relentless plan, she wishes she can go back ten years, to changing her life and checking everything is right and true o her, so that she doesn’t have to face anything pain or sadness in the future But will this bring her happiness? Or will she get sad and hurt again by her actions?

We saw in the last chapters, she was fulfilled and she was confronted by different challenges on her way to change her past so that she can be happy in the future. Well, there can be so many questions arising in your mind, whether or not she will be happy in the future? Or will she remain sad by her action? These all are sure it be answered in the upcoming chapters of the series itself. 

Predicted Plot Of Chapter 10

In the last chapter 9 of the series, we found the girl, being quite scared of her fake family as she toils to do quite hard work and if she isn’t completing the task it would be easy for her fake family to kill her or eat her up or throe in the streets f the town. In their threats, she has to do her work properly. 

Well, the reason for her birth in the fake family or about her real family isn’t stated yet in the series and is also not a stiff point to be discussed for the main thing is to understand how she will be helped or how will she come out if this dangerous zone, in the fake family.

In the last series, we also saw, the female and male lead parting their ways as the male lead has to leave for his duty as an army man and Siyeon bid him farewell, but at the same time decided to answer his question which led to their relationship ongoing for two or three years lately. The relationship has been going well, but now things will be even more messy and challenging for her to go through the things.

In the upcoming chapter 1o and others, we will get to know how well, she can help herself come out of that drastic world of fake family and friends and to find her real and new home. Surely, she will have to face many problems and challenges for moving out of this drastic world, but we are sure she will take all those good little steps and bring her out of that drastic world. 

Where Is The Series Available

The series is available on its official website for the readers to get excited and amazed. All the chapters are present there but the new chapter 10, will be published on their official website on August 22, 2023. Fbas can read the series here NAVER

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