The Priest Dreaming Of A Dragon Chapter 4 Release Date, Recap & Spoiler

The new manhua release is ruling the hearts of every reader from almost all parts of the world. The series shows the life of a holy priest chosen to take a higher position in the church, but he isn’t willing to take up the position. Rather he is trying to lure a dragon and tries to find out how can he win the heart of a dragon. 

Well, many questions are rising in your brain. Who is the Pries? Why is he not taking up the highest official? How will he lure a dragon? And why is he even trying to do so? Yes, these all are the questions quite common to arise in your brain, for the series demands the audiences to be this crucial to know the answers to these questions. And for this, the readers have gone crazy in demanding the new chapter soon.

Today we’re back again to tell you the recap of the earlier chapters and also to give you a spoiler for the upcoming chapter of the series ahead in this particular article. Well, if you feel equally excited to delve deeper into the series and know more about it, here is the article that will for sure provide you with everything important by the end of this. 

The Priest Dreaming Of A Dragon Chapter 4 Release Date

The new series “The Priest Of A Dragon” is all set to release chapter 4 with the great success of 3 chapters of this amazing fantastic comedy tale. The series chapter 4 will be released on their official website on August 31, 2023. 

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Previously In the Chapters

The Priest Dreaing Of A Dragon is a series that revolves around the priest named Ivre who is chosen to be the Holy Apostle of the Church. Being the most sacred and highest position in the church, many of the priests deny taking this position for it is the most difficult one. A holy apostle is the same as a criminal in a prison, where you have to leave your private life and away from all the human rights and the outside world, you have to live a clean life without even coming out in the sun.

The priests who were appointed for this position would change their names with the help of the bishop, bring them, or the other officials of the church. But this, Ivre priest had no relations in the church with higher officials, but he had brain and smartness, by which he was sure to take off his name from becoming the Apostle for sure. The fans were excited to see how did Ivre do this great task.

Predicted Plot Of Chapter 4

In the last chapters we saw, Priest Ivre roaming in the den of dragons, and by his cleverness and smart brain, he convinced the dragon to kidnap a princess ten years later this day. And so his first part of the plan was completed and was to be executed soon. In these ten years, Ivre has grown his hair into a long one, like the girl to make it look attractive and shiny in the sun. 

Now, it was the time to execute his plan. He stood in the sun, and his long hair was shining like golden ones in the sunlight. Dragon was confused and thought it to be the princess and kidnapped Ivre. Though the dragon was confused, it was the plan of Ivre t escape the holy apostle position by this method of his smartness. 

Later when a knight came to find and take the Ivre away, he said he was kidnapped by a dragon and thus he couldn’t go with him. On the other side, he asked the dragon to not let him go for he would help him to build a big castle full of gold and gemstones. The dragon said yes and didn’t let him go. But Ivre forgot that he was not talking to a human, as dragons were very fast to build castles which can be completed in very little time. 

Now, Ivre had to find another way to keep himself here, so he decided to lose his virginity and decided to lure the dragon. Instead of so many trials and plans nothing can lure him, so now he decided to read a book on how to win the heart of a dragon. Later in the series, we’ll see both of them finding a place to build the castle and Ivre trying to convince the dragon.

Where Is The Series Available

Fans can read the series The Priest Dreaming Of A Dragon on their official website, Bilibili Comics 

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