Guns And Gulaabs Season 2 Release Date: Is The Series Renewed Or Cancelled?

Bollywood has been famous for releasing movies full of crime, action, and romance that brings thrill in watching for the audience. These days OTT platforms are famous more than the theatre to watch series and not movies. For the series being more thrilling as per the audiences. And when we talk about the OTT platform, Netflix is one of the most popular platforms in the world.

This time Netflix is back with another thrilling and nostalgic series, making the audience feel about the past movie scenes, with a complete blend of action, crime, drama, and of course romance. Guns & Gulaabs are the new series released on Netflix recently that has gained a lot of fan following the time of its trailer release and the rest have joined the mob after the series release.

So today we’ll be knowing more about the cast, and plot of the series. not only this but also the answer to most emerging questions will be mentioned in the article, whether or not the audience can watch the series further. Continue reading for more details, as it is sure to provide you with everything you need and must know. 

Guns And Gulaabs Season 2 Release Date

The OTT platforms especially Netflix, confirm the series renewal or cancellation after taking into account a lot of data, like the number of viewers for the first season of the series, the critic’s response, and ratings by the audience. After everything is calculated, the series renewal or cancellation is announced within a second.

So for Guns & Gulaabs, the makers and Netflix have yet not renewed the show for a second season, and have not even said anything about the renewal or cancellation. But we predict that the series will be renewed soon dn its release date will be announced because it is in demand from audiences and till now everything has been positive. 

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What Is The Series About

The series is a nostalgic series making the fans travel back to the 90s world of films where the hero is fighting with his long-term criminal background laid down by his father or grandfather in order to win his love of life, and on the other side, a true policemen changing soon into an agent of these mafia groups.

The series Guns & Gulaabs is also one of those dark comedy series that is full of crime and drama. It is set in a fictional town Gulaabganj, which is under the threat of a long-term group of criminals, who basically do the illegal supply of drugs and guns. And this has been their family work for many years. 

On the other side, the group faces the entry of a loyal and strict Narcotic officer, who is stuck to his job bravely and can go to any extreme to meet his needs to help people and eradicate mail from the town. But nothing of this happens, instead, the officer gets changed into a raw agent of these mafia groups to help them further in the illegal smuggling of drugs and guns. 

Well, on more of this series, we can’t disclose more of the spoilers for it would be unfair to you to only read and not take the pleasure of watching the series and getting entertained. So it would be better if you soon check out the series and get entertained and travel back to the 90s. 

Who Are Involved In The Series

Gun & Gulaabs is a fictional series co-directed by, Krishna D.K. and Raj Nidimoru, with special cast members including the main and, the most talented actors from the Bollywood industry, whose work has made the series look amazing. The series is co-written by several writers of the B-Town industry, including Sumit Arora, Krishna D.K., Shubhangie Mishra, Raj Nidimoru, and Ramya Ramapriya.

The cast of the series includes Rajkummar Rao as Tipu, Satish Kaushik as Mr. Ganchi, Dulquer Salmaan as Arjun Varma, and Adarsh Giurva as Jugnu or Chhotu in the main lead of the series. The others in the supporting role include Vipin Sharma as Mahendra, Tanishq Chaudhry as Gangu, Krish Rao as Nannu and so many others. 

Where Is The Series Available

The series Guns & Gulaabs is streaming on Netflix from August 18, 2023, with all its episodes released. Fans can watch the series here 

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