Where Is Anna Carolina Jatobá Now? What Is The Link Between Her And Isabelle’s Murder? Let’s Decode The Murder

The tremendous murder of a small girl in the year 2008, shook up the people of Brazil from their souls. Not even a human was able to accept the fact that humans can be so brutal. It was the case of murdering a five-year-old daughter by her own father Alexandre Nardonu and her cruel stepmom, Anna Carolina Jatoba. 

The news of the death of Isabelle not only made her mother and family cry and pray for her justice it was the whole Brazil nation who prayed for her justice, as she was allegedly killed by being thrown down from the sixth floor of a building by being her father and step-mother out of jealousy and cruelty.

If you too feel interested in knowing more about Anna Caroline Jatoba and Isabelle’s murder, we’ve made every point covered for you people to read. This article is all set to decode the murder case of the little girl from Brazil and the truth behind her murder.

Where Is Anna Carolina Jatoba Now?

After murdering a five-year-old girl Isabelle by dropping her down from the window of an apartment. Alexandre and Jatoba were arrested by police in April 2008. Though they constantly pleaded not knowing anything about the case. 

In March 2010, both pleaded guilty to the case of Isabelle’s murder and were sentenced to imprisonment. Alenadre was sentenced to jail for 31 years at the age of 31 and Jatoba was sentenced to jail for 26 years at the age of 26. So as per the calculation, they must be in jail right now. For further information, you might read the Brazilian news as we don’t have much information about their existence now.

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Who Is Anna Caroline Jatoba

Anna Caroline Jatoba, stepmother of Isabelle Nardoni is the second wife of Alexandre Nardoni, who was the father of Isabelle Nardoni. Alexandre and Anna Caroline Oliveria got married when they were in college time and Isbelle was born to them in the year 2002. But the couple parted for Laenxdre was caught cheating with JAtoba.

Jatoba and Alexandre married each other and had two sons. Isabelle used to stay with her father on the nights of the weekend but was often seen crying and being humiliated by her stepmother by the neighbors or the friends of Alexandre and Oliveria. Even her grandparents knew, Jatoba hated Isabelle and could kill her anytime as was very cruel.

The people’s talk was true and real when on March 29, 2008, Isabelle Nardoni was dropped off from the apartment of Alexandre and Jaotba and was brutally killed. Everyone was sure of the criminal, but it was in the year 2010 when Jatoba and Alexandre were proved to be the original criminals of Isbelle’s murder. 

How Did Isabelle Nardoni Die?

Isabelle was born on April 18, 2002, to Alexandre and Oliveria. She used to live with her mother on working days but on the weekend nights, he was sent to her father and stepmother’s house in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Her mother wished, no harm to ever happen to her daughter.

But Isabelle was brutally murdered on March 29, 2008. It was on the night when she was thrown from the sixth floor of the apartment where Alexandre and Jatoba resided. Till then the building manager, ambulance, and Isabelle’s mother were called, Isballe lost her life halfway. On the way to the hospital, she was dead. Everyone in the neighborhood believed she was murdered by her stepmother, as she was often seen crying and pleading to go back to her own mother. but for the rest two years, the couple denied murdering the child or knowing anything about the child’s murder.

After mere investigation, the police found, blood stains on Isballe in her diaper, the shirt of Alexandre, and the seat of their car as well. Later in April 2010, it was made clear by joining the pieces of evidence and constantly changing statements of both the couple, as they were the reason behind Isabelle’s murder.

Show On Isabelle’s Case

Netflix in these months was releasing documentaries on real-life murders and crimes from different parts of the world. And this time it released the documentary based on Isabelle NArdoni’s murder case, named “A Life Too Short: The Isabella Nardoni Case”. The documentary was released on August 17, 2023, and includes all the evidence from the case and interviews with Isabelle’s family as well. Fans can watch the series here

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