My Beautiful Man Season 3 Release Date And Spoilers!

If you know about Korean dramas, you already know why they are popular. They are best known for showing us the best romantic storylines on screen. Apart from the beauty of the stories, the aesthetics, soothing music background, and a slow rolling theme is also the reason behind their popularity. Now, Japanese dramas are not far behind. They have started to gain ground with time.

One such famous Japanese drama is Utsukushii Kare, or more popularly, My Beautiful Man. The story revolves around two boys who are falling for each other and getting close with time. The story has been set up beautifully by the writers and screenwriters. As a result, My Beautiful Man has gained enough fame in the last few years. There are 2 seasons of the show and the 2nd season was released in 2023. Due to the huge amount of viewership, it has managed to gain, the audience is also curious about My Beautiful Man season 3. So, what can be the release date?

If you are someone who is intrigued and has a similar kind of question in mind, please take your time. In this article, we will take you through the plot of your favorite Japanese drama and discuss the possibilities of a season 3 release date. So, please continue to read.

My Beautiful Man Season 3 Release Date: Exploring Possibilities

The TV Drama has been quite successful with its intriguing storyline that keeps the viewers seated for another episode. The show is about a gay couple, who starts to fall in love as the day passes. Now, although the show upholds gay romance, it has managed to reach a much larger audience than the targeted range of viewers. The story revolves around two boys, Kazunari Hira and Sou Kiyoi, who are in love with one another. Season 1 shows us the beautiful build-up that lets them stay together. Season 2 is here and it is taking us through a journey of their ups and downs.

But what about a third season? What is the release date of My Beautiful Man season 3? Well, before proceeding further with the drama, let me give you the answers. Till now, there is no official news regarding the release date of My Beautiful Man Season 3. The creators have not confirmed the renewal or cancellation of the drama. Season 2 has just started on 7th April 2023 – if all the episodes get a nice viewership, the studio will plan something for the fans.

My Beautiful Man is adapted from “He, Who Is Beautiful”, a novel by the writer, Yuu Nagira. If season 2 does not give us the happy ending that Kazunari and Sou deserve, we might get to see them for another run on the screen. If after the end of 2nd season, there’s still some story left to cover, then a third installment will not be that far. But right now, there is no news about the release date of My Beautiful Man season 3.

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My Beautiful Man: Story Of Kazunari And Sou

In the first installment, we witnessed the moments that led to the romance between two young boys. Hira is a socially awkward boy who stutters and cannot make friends. When he gets transferred to a new school, he crushes hard on his classmate Kiyoi. But he gets bullied by him and his friends. Gradually Kiyoi’s kind gestures escalated things and soon they fell for each other.

Now, they have overcome the hurdles and left their difficulties far behind. Kazunari and Sou are now living in much more peaceful times. Both of them have a healthy relationship and always manage to make time for one another. But wait, they are not as happy as it seems. We get to see Kazunari following Sou in places he is going. Sou is already struggling hard with his career as an actor and it is getting to him at times. He is doing his best to get a place among the stars of Japan. Looking at his other classmates, Kazunari is already feeling that he is not doing enough. So, after some time, we see that Kazunari is focusing on getting a job since his post-graduation is over.

Both the lovers are now facing the harsh realities of life. Adulthood is straining them to the utmost level and still, they are keeping the hopes of their relationship alive. Now, will the couple be able to protect their bond? Are their hearts going to fall out of love in front of the huge amount of stress that is swallowing both of them?

My Beautiful Man: Cast And Crew Behind This Drama

Yusei Yagi and Riku Hagiwara play So Kiyoui and Kazunari Hira, the leading characters of this romance story. Other notable characters include Akira Takano, Sawa Nimura, Momoka, Shuri Nakamura, Aya Marsh, Yuto Tubone, and Satoru Soma.

Directed by Mai Sakai, the first episode of My Beautiful Man was released on 19th November 2021 in Japan. You can watch this show on Viki Rakuten by clicking here.

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