Where Is John Lee Cowell Now? Unravelling His Life History!

Lifetime has provided us with many good series which are loved by all. So in an episode of the “#TextMeWhenYouGetHome” series, we can see the tragedy that happened to Nia Wilson. This episode is titled “Nia Wilson” in which we see how Nia is killed in public. So in this episode, we will see how the incident took place and the investigation of the case. Also, we could see the interviews of family members and friends who are associated with the case. Now you may be having questions like who killed Nia Wilson and why? Where is John Lee Cowell now? What punishment did the murderer of Nia Wilson get? To get answers to these questions read this article carefully till the end.

Where Is John Lee Cowell Now?

John’s trial against the case of Nia Wilson’s murder began on 22 August 2018. But this trial wasn’t easy and straightforward. It got delayed due to the defence seeking time to review the evidence. Now, John was having schizophrenia and bipolar disorder according to the defense. Also, the defence team claimed that John did it as he was mentally ill. It was not a racial discrimination case but all of it happened due to the mental issue John had. This claim was tested by three doctors appointed by the court. But it didn’t give any fruition as all three doctors gave different results. One of the results was that John was competent while the other said that he was incompetent. And the last one didn’t have any conclusion about the condition. So in July 2019, John was presented near the court for the trial.

On 17 July 2020, John was found guilty and got sentenced to life. During his tenure in the prison, he will not have the possibility of parole. This was the punishment that was given by the court. John was charged with the murder of Nia Wilson and the attempted murder of Letifah Wilson. After this John is now in California Medical Facility at Vacaville. He is serving his sentence to life imprisonment there.

About Nia Wilson’s Death

Nia was born on 10 November 1999 to Ansar El Muhammad and Alicia Grayson. Other than Nia Ansar and Alicia were parents to six daughters and two sons. Nia has a wish to become a rapper and have her own dance studio. At Dewey Academy, she used to be a cheerleader from where she got her goal in life. Also, she was a part of the music group ” Girlz N The Hood” in which Nia’s cousin was also there. She was also good in makeup and had the title of PG meaning Pretty Girl. Nia lived in California with her parents who got separated but on a friendly basis. It was 22 July 2018, and Nia went out with Letifah and Tashiya. They were boarding BART when they were returning from a party at their aunt’s house.

It was when they were transferring trains in MacArthur station that Nia got stabbed twice in her neck. Also, Letifah got stabbed in her neck once. It was all in front of Tashiya before boarding the train. Latifah was taken to the medical facility while Nia was declared dead. Now the authorities didn’t waste any time to begin the investigation of the case. They started searching for the murderer right after they came to the crime scene.

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About The Killer

After reaching the crime scene, the authorities collected all the evidence and started searching the video footage. All the witnesses were questioned about the crime. With the help of the security cameras, the authorities were able to track the culprit. After they found some of his belongings like the identity card, they got his name. In the meantime, the social media was full of comments by all people and famous celebrities. Now the police got a tip that John was travelling to BART again. Firstly, they were unable to catch him but sooner they caught him from the station. On 23 July 2018, John was arrested on first-degree murder charges, violation of people, and assault with a deadly weapon.

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