Is Victor Conte Married? What Is The Relationship Status Of The Steroids Mastermind Currently?

Netflix has always provided viewers with quality movies. There are many documentary movies also which have been provided by them. Recently his documentary movie has been released on Netflix titled ” Untold: Hall Of Shame“. Viewers have enjoyed this series a lot and gave many good reviews and ratings to it. Now after watching the series people are having questions about this person and his life. There are questions like is Victor Conte married? Who was Victor Conte and what is this movie about? So we will be discussing all these things in this article. If you have watched the movie and have some relatable questions or if you want to watch a good movie then read this article. It will give all the necessary information about the movie and Victor Conte as well.

Is Victor Conte Married?

No, he is not married anymore. He was married in the year 1977 but as of now, he has been divorced. His ex-wife’s name was Audrey Stein who had a Holistic Health Centre. Now Victor is a bassist and he has to travel places. But after he was married to Audrey, he left that job and came into the field of nutritional supplements. He decided to leave the job of bassist and learn about human metabolism.

For his new career, he read many books from the Stanford University Library. After Victor and Audrey got married, they shifted to a house in South San Francisco where musicians were greatly invited. They also had a daughter named Kisha after a year of their marriage. But in 1983, the family got robbed and the robbers took credit cards. Alicia, their second daughter, gave her a statement that her mother was also involved in the crime.

Other than Alicia, this couple was the parents of two more children. They are all daughters named Alicia, Kisha, and Veronica. All of them had a very harsh time during the BALCO scandal. And the divorce of their parents has affected all of them. All of them have been a part of the Netflix documentary and shared their experience.

What Was The Reason Behind The Divorce?

Soon in 1995, Victor and Audrey got separated and divorced. Victor got a restraining order and stated that his wife was harassing him. There were allegations that Audrey gave death threats to Victor in a coded form. Also, the BALCO founder stated that he was a witness when Audrey assaulted Victor physically in a parking lot. To all these, Audrey explained that she was not mentally stable at that time and it was due to drugs.

In 2003, Audrey was arrested on the charges of selling controlled substances. However, her court proceedings were suspended due to her mental instability. She was ordered to get mental health treatment and become competent soon. But she could be in that mental health treatment facility for four years and eight months. After this, there is no news about Audrey till now.

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What Is Victor’s Current Status?

At present, Victor is not dating anyone and he is single. He was the former BALCO chief but as of now, he has become the founder and CEO of Scientific Nutrition for Advanced Conditioning(SNAC). This company provides legal supplements to athletes and boxers. He loves his daughters a lot and as of now he is not married to anyone. It was never that he dated someone after he got divorced. With his loved ones, that is his daughters, he looked forward to a brighter future. Now he has reached his success and he has only his daughters to share this success with.

Victor has been a part of this Netflix movie. This movie has successfully explained the Bay Area Laboratory Co-operative Scandal or BALCO scandal. Victor had some share in this scandal and he got the limelight from this only. So his professional life has been found interesting by people. But people want to get information about his personal life too. This movie has shown both his professional and personal life. Everyone interested to know about Victor Conte and the BALCO scandal should watch this documentary movie.

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