Where Is Jeffrey Willis Now? What Was His Relation With Jessica? What Did The Court Held?

Crimes like murder have been very common nowadays. People murder their victims and then roam around freely till their trial has been done. One of such case is with Jessica Heeringa who was murdered and buried but the murderers were moving around freely. Her murderers got punished after some time when the evidence confirmed the murderers. So Who is the person who killed Jessica? The court found out the murderers of the victim soon. They were Jeffrey Willis and Kevin Bluhm so now you may ask questions about them. Who is Jeffrey Willis? Where Is Jeffrey Willis Now? In this article, we will talk about this case and the murderers. Read this article till the end to find out where is Jeffrey Willis now.

Where Is Jeffrey Willis Now?

Currently, Jeffrey is in Michigan. He is in the maximum security cotton correctional facility there. Jeffrey was associated with the murder of Jessica. So his trial was going on and completed in May 2018. After the trial, he was found guilty by the court and then was sentenced to life imprisonment on the charges of murder. Also for kidnapping, he got a punishment of 40 years of imprisonment. This is not the first time that Willis has got a life imprisonment punishment. He was associated with the Rebekah Bletsch murder case too and found guilty there also. It was in November 2017.

Now his partner Kevin Bluhm also got the same punishment as he had helped in the murder. And according to reports he was found guilty in the Rebekah murder case also. He was sentenced to life imprisonment at that time too. In this case, Bluhm was involved in burying the body of Jessica. So he had to wear a GPS tracking device as per the court orders to find out the buried body. Currently, he is in the Muskegon County jail but his probation has ended in January 2023 itself.

How Did It Happen? What Was The Case?

So this is about Jessica Heeringa and her murder. Lead to the investigation began when a gas station customer gave his statement. According to him, before the night Jessica was murdered, she came to this gas station with another man. This man after observing both said that Jessica was not comfortable with the man as he was becoming way too familiar. Watching all these events made the man to wait at the gas station till it was closed. Also, the manager of this gas station said that she had seen a minivan with a person at around 11 o’clock in the night. Now after this, the investigators saw the cameras which made it clear that this vehicle left the gas station at a very high speed.

But despite this evidence, the investigators couldn’t do anything as no clear and confirmed evidence was there. It was in April 2016, that the police found a girl who was tried to be kidnapped by the same van but she managed to escape. This was a sixteen-year-old girl who was coming out of a party and a man grabbed her but she somehow escaped.

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Further Elaboration On Where Is Jeffrey Willis Now?

Now after investigating this case, the police found out that the van is Jeffrey Willis’s. And this was the same van that was present in the gas station. Also, to make it more clear the gun which was seized from Jeffrey was the same of which the parts were found near Jessica’s workplace. This man was the same as the strange man whose sketch was made in Jessica’s case.

Now the police obtained a search warrant and searched Willis’s house to get the body of Jessica. But there was no trace of her body in Jeffrey’s house or any of his property. Then Jeffrey was sent for a trial after getting his computer as the biggest evidence. In his computer police found out a folder in which there were Jessica’s pictures and the date of her disappearance.


After the shreds of evidence and murderers were found, it was made clear that this was a case of Kidnapping and murder. However, Jeffrey and Kevin both got punishment so now Jessica also got her peace. Now both the murderers are in Jail and Michigan has got to know a lot about this case.

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