The Jengaburu Curse Season 2 Release Date: Will India’s First Cli-Fi Series Return For A Sequel?

While Indian cinema has witnessed several blockbuster hits with intriguing premises both in theatres and on OTTs, it remained untouched by the cli-fi genre till now. Be it Sameer Saxena and Amit Golani’s upcoming Kaala Paani or this newly arrived cli-fi, Indian cinema is undergoing several transformations. It is due to directors such as Nila Mahdab Panda, who makes a comeback after a long while, that such genres are being explored now. Mahdab’s directorial The Jengaburu Curse delves into the untouched corners of Odisha’s golden and bucolic mines and the impact digging through these mines have left on the world.

A couple of years earlier, news broke out on the Internet, claiming that minor children were forced to walk into deadly mines and dig for precious metals. It seems like Mahdab has been struck by the news and has weaved a story parallel to this scenario in an alternate universe. For fans of such a highly ambitious series, it is natural to wonder whether The Jengaburu Curse Season 2 is under production. So, if you want to know more about the sequel of this cli-fi, here are the latest updates!

The Jengaburu Curse Season 2 Release Date

The writer-director, Mahdab, has nurtured the storyline with tremendous effort and affection. It is reflected in each episode of this seven-part series as the characters delve into the red mountains of Odisha. The title of the series is based on these mountains as well and is demonstrated in the tribal language. Sony Liv’s The Jengaburu Curse roughly translates to The Curse of the Red Mountain. In an interview, Nila asked a controversial yet thoughtful question; why doesn’t anyone make such films?

The back-and-forth between Mahdab and her fans and colleagues aside, the question is essential to the future of the series. Nila commenced filming with an ambitious vision. And it doesn’t seem like she’ll be giving up on her project this soon. Likewise, the viewers’ opinions and critics’ ratings matter as much. While the ambition is high, the vision is exalted and the underlying message is insightful, the execution seems to fall flat as per the critics. Yet, if Mahdab gives her dream project another chance, The Jengaburu Curse Season 2 might premiere in mid-2024.

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The Jengaburu Curse Plot Synopsis

This cli-fi series follows Priya Das (Faria Abdullah), a London-based financial analyst who has spent the majority of her life away from her professor-slash-activist father. When she’s called to India to identify her father’s dead body, Priya has no option but to push work aside and fly to Bhubaneshwar. Upon her arrival, she is greeted by an anonymous corpse which thankfully isn’t her father’s. But instead of relief, it is dread that creeps upon Das, whose father remains missing.

Priya then rolls her sleeves and embarks on a tumultuous journey to investigate the mysterious disappearance of her activist father. As she discovers details regarding her father’s new mission, Priya is left shock-struck. The senior Das was involved in a protest against the corrupted industrialists who exposed the local people of Odisha to climatic hazards. Rescuing her father from the clutches of megalomaniac riches is a deadly mission Priya has to carry on which isn’t without its consequences.

The Jengaburu Curse Season 2 Storyline

The tangled cat-and-mouse chase between Priya and the extremist-natured businessmen and politicians has sparked the curiosity of millions. This socio-political drama penned by Mahdab and Newton’s Mayank Tiwari comes with hefty baggage. With the anticlimactic ending of Season 1, the screenwriters could easily squeeze in a sequel so should they desire.

If The Jengaburu Curse returns for a sequel, we could witness another round of push-and-pull. A common man–or in this case, a woman–would once again be tested against a bunch of atrocious policemen, politicians, businessmen and government officials.

The Jengaburu Curse Season 2 Release Date: FAQs

1. What Is The Jengaburu Curse Series About?

It is a cli-fi series centred around the journey of Priya Das who sets out to investigate her father’s mysterious disappearance.

2. Who Created The Jengaburu Curse Series?

This seven-part series is helmed by Nila Mahdab Panda.

3. Is The Jengaburu Curse Season 2 Release Date Confirmed?

No, it isn’t confirmed yet.

4. When Will The Jengaburu Curse Season 2 Release?

Though the series is yet to be confirmed, it can be expected to premiere in mid-2024.

5. Is A Trailer Available For The Jengaburu Curse Season 2?

No, there is no trailer available for The Jengaburu Curse Season 2.

6. Where To Watch The Jengaburu Curse Series?

You can stream the series on Sony Liv.

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