Go Away Romeo Chapter 33 Release Date: When Can We Expect The Cast To Mark A Return With Another Chapter?

Go Away Romeo has been one of the go-to’s for all the manga fans. The storyline keeps the fans hooked and on the edge of their seats. All 32 Chapters have been a big hit. With a rating of 8.2, it has been an engrossing and engaging show throughout. With the passing of time and the last chapter releasing in the month of July, fans are now eagerly waiting for the next chapter. All those waiting for Go Away Romeo Chapter 33 Raw Scans Release Date can read this article till the end.

Go Away Romeo Chapter 33 Release Date

Now this has been made official and it is a piece of confirmed news that Chapter 33 is going to get released in a week. Fans have got the confirmed date now which is 16 August 2023. So now fans eagerly waiting for the dates can get relaxed. Time to get your clocks set for your favourite series’ new chapter to get released. It will be available for all to read from 16th August onwards on Webtoon. All the chapters can be read from there. A person looking for something interesting and engaging to read can go through this series once. It has received many positive responses from readers and critics. So it becomes a must-read manga series that is available online.

Go Away Romeo: Review

This is a story inspired by the play “Romeo and Juliet”. Here we can see Rosalina who is the lead character of this series. She believes that she has an unbreakable bond with Romeo and that their relationship will be immortal. According to her, their love will go on forever and nothing can break their bond. Together they will overcome every challenge and obstacle on their way. But everything doesn’t go as she thought and what happens is that Romeo and his cousin pass away at the same time.

Now Rosalina is left with a boy which is the living proof of their love. Ahead in the series, we can see how betrayal comes into their relationship and now Romeo is questioned. Rosalina is now left with only her son whom she hugs with unconditional love. Verona, the city in which she has once thought to fulfil her dreams has now become a struggle to live in.

Now it again happens that Romeo comes back to the city but this time Rosalina has to deal with it in another way. She has to fight with past lies once again and deal again with the dilemma from the past. Now she aims to protect herself and her son from these all.

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Go Away Romeo Chapter 33 Raw Scans Release Date

These raw scans with English subtitles can be read from 13 August 2023. They release earlier than the original chapters. So fans who want the chapters in English can read it from Webtoon itself. People who don’t want to wait anymore to know about the story ahead can read the raw scans. These are made available earlier only for fans and the original will be released after some time.

Where To Read Go Away Romeo Chapter 33

This chapter will be released on Webtoon and also the future chapters will be released here itself. All the chapters are available on this platform. There are other manga series that can be read from Webtoon. It has been a platform for many wonderful series. So Webtoon has always given readers some very interesting and engaging series that they have fallen in love with. This has been a very famous platform for manga series which has served readers with many manga series and will continue doing it.


Go Away Romeo is a compelling epic passion and thriller manhwa that draws its inspiration from William Shakespeare’s well-known play “Romeo and Juliet.” The protagonist of the tale is Rosaline, a Capulet who was betrayed by Romeo, a Montague. Romeo fathered a child with Juliet, her cousin, through marriage. Rosaline is adamant about taking measures on Romeo and the rest of his family because she wants retribution. But when she runs upon another Montague who remarkably resembles Romeo, the story takes a fascinating turn. The manhwa explores the themes of affection, treachery, retribution, and fate and presents them in a unique and engrossing way.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. When Is Go Away Romeo Chapter 33 Releasing?

Go Away Romeo Chapter 33 is set to release on 16 August 2023.

2. 1. When Did Go Away Romeo Chapter 32 Release?

Go Away Romeo Chapter 32 was released on the 19th of July, 2023.

3. Is Go Away Romeo Manhwa better than anime?

The preference between the manhwa and the anime of Go Away Romeo is subjective and depends on personal taste and preferences. 

4. Where Can You Read Go Away Romeo Manhwa Officially?

The official website for reading the manhwa is Webtoon

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