The Dazzling Young Lady’s Marriage Proposal Chapter 18 Release Date: The High School Rom-Com

Love is a beautiful thing. To have love for someone, or to be loved by a person, both feelings are just out of this world. But sometimes it’s surprising if you get love from someone unexpectedly. Such is the story of the manga Kiraboshi Ojou-sama no Kyuukon. At first, Yoshimi thought it was probably a mistake, but later on, things start to become serious. Hikaru wants to be his wife. More popularly known as, The Dazzling Young Lady’s Marriage Proposal, the Shonen manga has been promising with how they have progressed their storyline.

The plot revolves around our protagonist, Yoshimi Numamoto. Yoshimi is just a student who stays busy with his school life. Being a nerd, he likes to keep everything to himself. His relatively boring life is not full of stories that he could boast of. But one day, he gets surprised to see a stunning-looking girl falling in love with him. The young girl Hikaru comes from a rich background, so Yoshimi is taken aback by the entire thing. Initially, the boy is a bit embarrassed with the scenario, but gradually, his life starts to take a different turn. With every chapter that has come out, the author of this manga has impressed the otakus. Now, the fans are quite intrigued about chapter 18.

So, when are we getting the next chapter of The Dazzling Young Lady’s Marriage Proposal? Will this manga have a new chapter, and if it does, what can the Chapter 18 release date be? To know more about this, consider reading this article below.

The Dazzling Young Lady’s Marriage Proposal Chapter 18 Release Date: Everything We Know

The Shonen manga is a very popular one. The author, Hideki, has written this romantic comedy manga for fans. The journey of Yoshimi and Hikaru is gradually taking new turns and twists. And as of now, the story has not disappointed any of the manga addicts out there. We have 17 chapters of the Shonen manga to date. Chapter 17 was released a few days ago. We will talk about how the story has progressed in the aforementioned chapter later on in this article. Let us talk about the next chapter for now.

So, when is the next chapter of this Shonen manga released? What is the release date of The Dazzling Young Lady’s Marriage Proposal Chapter 18? Well, the official sources have declared the date. The Dazzling Young Lady’s Marriage Proposal Chapter 18 will be out on 9th August 2023 in Japan. For other parts, the release date is on Wednesday, August 8. After chapter 17 was released, otaku forums across social media platforms like Reddit and Twitter have been interested in the next chapter of this manga. But for people who are new fans and want to know more, let us take you through a short tour of Yoshimi and Hikaru’s journey.

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The Dazzling Young Lady’s Marriage Proposal: Story Of The High School Romance

The plot is revolving around the love story of Hikaru and Yoshimi. Yoshimi was the pretty normal nerdy guy in glasses. One day, he gets proposed by Hikaru most surprisingly. If I was in Yoshimi’s place, apart from thinking about what the hell is happening to me, I will probably think that this is a terrible misunderstanding. But as the chapters proceed, we see that Hikaru is not giving up. She is consequent with her efforts to be Yoshimi’s lover.

She wants everyone to know that she loves Yoshimi and her boy belongs to her only. Hikaru even hugged Yoshimi for almost an hour. With every passing second, the hug was getting tighter and tighter. She was going through severe anxiety. Before this, Yoshimi got kidnapped somehow, so after he was back, Hikaru could no longer hold herself back. But later on, it was revealed that Yoshimi was just joking all along with the kidnapping.

Yoshimi gets to know the softer and more painful side of Hikaru. She said that she has gone through a lot of kidnappings in the past, so she knows how it feels to be mistreated. She gets angry with Yoshimi for lying to her. In chapter 17, we see Yoshimi apologizing and begging Hikaru to not be sad anymore. Hikaru just wants to be loved by him. She wants to be in his arms as long as possible because she has been sad, anxious, and angry – only long hugs from Yoshimi can fix her. To know more about their story, you will have to wait till the release date of The Dazzling Young Lady’s Marriage Proposal Chapter 18. To read the manga, click here.

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