Here Is A List Of 25 Smoking Hot Cartoon Characters! 

Is there anyone here who doesn’t enjoy bingeing cartoons? Well, we are surely not among those! Whether it’s a small kid or a grown-up adult, there is something for everyone here! The animated world is indeed very huge! From different types of genres to unique characters, you will be surprised to know how big this man-made world can be. The notable creators and writers of this gigantic animated world have already impressed us a lot. From classic fairy tales like Cinderella to action-packed movies like Wonder Woman, these noteworthy characters have surely got a fan following of their own. 

Keeping the same view in mind, we thought of going back to the old times! Some of the Disney Princesses are incredibly beautiful while others can also be immensely strong and bold. But for today, we have especially centered it down to the hottest animated characters out there. From the iconic Catwoman to everyone’s favorite Ariel, this curated cartoon list surely deserves all your attention. 

Here Is A List Of 25 Smoking Hot Cartoon Characters! 

Back when you were a child, you surely had a favorite cartoon character, well, you are not alone here! Even we had our favorite cartoon show and surely admired the beauty of a bunch of quirky cartoon characters. Well, this list takes you through some blazing-hot cartoon figures. In fact, some of these might already be your favorite! From the very charming Aladdin to the breathtaking Elsa, get ready to be enthralled by 25 extremely hot cartoon characters. 

25. Catwoman

Very recently, we have seen an animated film named Catwoman: Hunted! It was released last year and we were quite impressed by the twists and turns incorporated in the tale. The centremost character of the movie, the very strong, brave, and unbeatable Catwoman is surely worth noticing once. Her posture and her unique style always make her stand out from the crowd. You might see her as an anti-heroine, but the way she fights makes her even more attractive and alluring. 

24. Danny Phantom

Here Is A List Of 25 Smoking Hot Cartoon Characters! 

The all-time popular American animated superhero TV series, Danny Phantom is back on our radar. From being a typical teenage boy to becoming Danny Phantom, he surely had a chaotic but highly adventurous journey of his own. He is extremely smart, intellectual, and attractive. Moreover, how can we not talk about his crazy action stunts? Danny has always been a fan-favorite and his action-packed life surely uplifts his unique style and character.

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23. Pocahontas

Here Is A List Of 25 Smoking Hot Cartoon Characters! 

We come down to an extremely old Disney movie! Released in 1995, this American animated musical historical drama film is surely worth watching once. The central character here happens to be a Powhatan woman named Pocahontas! Her incredible and highly astounding survival journey surely sets her apart from the others. Moreover, the way she carries herself, her posture, her classic dressing sense, her voice, and the way she walks, you can barely think of skipping this particular movie. For all these various reasons, we find her excessively attractive and gorgeous. 

22. Esmeralda

Here Is A List Of 25 Smoking Hot Cartoon Characters! 

If you have watched The Hunchback of Notre Dame, then you must have noticed some unique features about Esmeralda. She is incredibly brave and beautiful! She is both French and Roman! Her most notable skill happens to be her eye-catching dance performances. She can easily get anyone’s attention with her elegant leg and hand movements. She is not only looked up for her heavenly charm but is also quite known for her seducing skills.

21. Prince Naveen

Here Is A List Of 25 Smoking Hot Cartoon Characters! 

We have come down to the classic fairy tale, the very famous Disney movie, The Princess and the Frog. Initially, we all assumed him to be an ugly frog but guess what, we all were highly appalled when we saw his real form. The popular phrase, “dark and handsome”, is surely made for the charming Prince of Maldonia! Prince Naveen is not only courageous and warm-hearted, but he is also extremely hot and handsome. 

20. Mulan

Here Is A List Of 25 Smoking Hot Cartoon Characters! 

We wonder how many times Walt Disney will impress us! Another classic American animated musical adventure film happens to be Mulan. The film took heavy inspiration from the life of Hua Mulan and this particular movie is surely one of our personal favourites. The central character here, the very brave, strong, admiring, and extremely gorgeous Mulan, has a huge fan following out there. The way she smiles melts our hearts away. 

19. Hiccup

Here Is A List Of 25 Smoking Hot Cartoon Characters! 

When talking about hot animated figures, how can we not talk about the popular dragon trainer? This brings us down to Hiccup and we come across the popular animated series, How to train your Dragon! Yes, out of so many good qualities of his, we mostly love the way he treats his dragon! From his calm, sweet, and strong nature to his power-packed fueling action skills, Hiccup surely deserves a place here. The creators have done an exceptional job in making him look so bold and handsome. 

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18. Jim Hawkins

Here Is A List Of 25 Smoking Hot Cartoon Characters! 

The famous American animated sci-fi film,  Treasure Planet will always be our favorite! The most notable hot character here happens to be Jim Hawkins. He surely enjoyed the crazy adventurous ride a lot. But his quirky punchlines and personalized form of fighting skills truly make him different from the rest. Moreover, there is also a good amount of craze for that smokingly hot masculine face structure.

17. Prince Eric

Here Is A List Of 25 Smoking Hot Cartoon Characters! 

Next on our list is the very kind and handsome Prince Eric! This brings us down to The Little Mermaid. Ariel’s beloved, the renowned Prince of the sea-facing Kingdom surely managed to get our attention. He is not only good-looking and charming but also very loving and caring! Moreover, how can you not fall for those beautiful eyes? Lastly, his warm gestures are also quite noteworthy.

16. Belle

Here Is A List Of 25 Smoking Hot Cartoon Characters! 

She is not only kind and beautiful, but she is also extremely talented and intelligent. She changed the heart of a Beast and as you have already read above, we are talking about the very gorgeous and brave, Belle. If you have watched Beauty and The Beast, then we can tell for sure that Belle is surely among your favorite fairy tale characters. Besides her warm nature and courageous attitude, she is also quite known for her charming skills and elegant face. 

15. Megara

Here Is A List Of 25 Smoking Hot Cartoon Characters! 

Popularly known as Meg, she happens to be the very gorgeous partner of Hercules. This takes us back to the 1997 animated movie! Initially, she thought of never trusting a man again, but then she met the love of her life! Megara has always been one of our favorites. She is quite brave and courageous. Not only this, but she has always tried to impose herself as a strong woman. Moreover, her character enhanced even further, after Hercules’ became a constant part of her life. If you ever get time to watch Hercules, then it is 100 percent recommended from our side. 

14. Li Shang

Here Is A List Of 25 Smoking Hot Cartoon Characters! 

Another strong and hot male character happens to be Li Shang! Yet again, we have someone from the famous 1998 film, Mulan. He is surely very strong and we are indeed a big fan of his giant muscles! He is undoubtedly an incredible fighter and surely has a strong fan following out there. He is mostly known for his jam-packed crazy action skills! His sharp fighting moves surely deserve all your focus. Moreover, he is also quite famous for having a strong physique and well-mannered attitude. 

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13. Aladdin

Here Is A List Of 25 Smoking Hot Cartoon Characters! 

When talking about fairy tales, how can we miss out on Aladdin? With fantasy, music, comedy, and magic, this movie still has a massive fan base out there. This is one such animated film that you will feel like watching again. Coming back to our discussion, our eyes got stuck on Aladdin’s hot posture. Brave, handsome, alluring, intelligent, and whatnot? We all know that he is an incredibly warm-hearted human being. But he is also a very good fighter and attacker. His intriguing plans never failed to impress us. Moreover, if you take a keen interest, then you will surely not be able to take your eyes off him. It seems like his highly attractive body structure is pretty hard to get unnoticed.  

12. David Kawena 

Here Is A List Of 25 Smoking Hot Cartoon Characters! 

Next on our list is David Kawena from ‘Lilo and Stitch’. His bare body surely allured us a lot. No wonder Nani felt hard for him! He is not only seen as Nani’s incredibly hot boyfriend but he is also a dear friend to Lilo. He might be silly sometimes, but he is also extremely kind to others. David is mostly known for his tall and brave outlook. Lastly, he is also seen as a daring and fun-loving guy. 

11. Jack Frost

Here Is A List Of 25 Smoking Hot Cartoon Characters! 

Another notable hot male character happens to be Jack Frost from Rise of the Guardians! He is known to be a unique variant of Old Man Winter. He is not only good-looking and smart, but he is also very popular out there for his unbeatable shivering cold magical powers. Speaking of his magic, his powers mainly come from frost, ice, snow, sleet, winter, and freezing cold. Considering all of his unique traits, he surely deserves a place here. 

10. Jasmine

Here Is A List Of 25 Smoking Hot Cartoon Characters! 

If you are talking about Aladdin, you cannot forget about his beloved! After all, they are known to be the “hot couple” of the animated world. Whether it is Jasmine’s unique way of living her life or her random bravery and intelligence, she is surely a notable Disney Princess. From her big and shiny eyes to her extremely cute smile, there is barely anyone who hasn’t been allured by Princess Jasmine’s irresistible beauty. Moreover, she is also quite known for her dressing sense and kind gesture. 

9. Kristoff Bjorgman 

Here Is A List Of 25 Smoking Hot Cartoon Characters! 

Another hot and happening Disney character happens to be Kristoff Bjorgman! You must have seen him in Frozen! He and his long-time reindeer best friend Sven have surely impressed a lot! He might not be a great Prince, but his bold and brave attitude gives him an extra edge in the story. The chemistry he shared with Anna surely won a ton of hearts out there. Kristoff’s charming face and kind heart definitely make him better than the rest. 

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8. Tarzan 

Here Is A List Of 25 Smoking Hot Cartoon Characters! 

If we are talking about a good animated character with a strong physique, then Tarzan surely deserves a place on this list. Released in 2002, the compelling plot of the movie Tarzan & Jane never slipped off our notice. The central character here, Tarzan, is best known for his unique forest culture. He has lived in the jungle for years and has adapted himself completely to the wild surroundings. He might not know the basic fundamentals of living a normal life, but Tarzan surely has a fascinating style of his own! 

7. Elastigirl

Here Is A List Of 25 Smoking Hot Cartoon Characters! 

Speaking of hot fictional characters, Mrs. Incredible will surely pop into your mind. She is strong, fierce, brave, smart, and whatnot. Call her Elastigirl or Helen Parr, there is barely anyone who is not a fan of hers. In both the previous movies, The Incredible and The Incredible Part 2, we have seen her as a very important character in the family. She is the woman who holds all of them together. From her bold face cut to her courageous action skills, Mrs. Incredible will always be among our top favorites. 

6. Wonder Woman 

Hot Cartoon Characters

Next, we have the animated version of Wonder Woman. Thanks to Warner Bros. for creating her. She is a strong superwoman and we are hoping you all are well-versed with her unique capabilities and powers. Whether it’s her bravery or modern-day feminist attitude, she has undoubtedly impressed us a lot. Speaking of her charm and beauty, she has got a steady fan base out there and we are definitely crushing on her hot and bold attitude. 

5. Flynn Rider

Here Is A List Of 25 Smoking Hot Cartoon Characters! 

Another animated Disney character who impressed us more than a lot happens to be Flynn Rider from the movie, Tangled. His chemistry with the lost Princess of Corona surely won a ton of hearts out there. Initially, you must have seen him as a weird man, but slowly and steadily, he managed to get hold of our attention. He is quite known for his intelligence! Speaking of his hotness, we surely think he has got a notable smile and body posture. 

4. Snow White

Hot Cartoon Characters

The very beautiful, shy, smart, and brave Snow White is here! She is known to be a top fairy tale character. She is not only warm and kind-hearted, but she is also very popular for her elegant facial structure. Snow White was always one of our favorite animated characters and we are pretty much sure that we are not the only ones crushing on her beauty. Her slim posture and attractive dressing sense have surely impressed us a lot. 

3. Tinker Bell

Hot Cartoon Characters

The third extremely hot animated character happens to be the very smart and notorious Tinker Bell. Her fun-loving attitude is always welcomed in the fairyland. Tinker Bell is a soft but at the same time very smart Disney character. Moreover, how can you not take note of her hotness? Whether it’s her smile or cute hairstyle, you can barely think of skipping the Tinker Bell series. She is indeed one of the special animated characters out there, who is also blessed with some eye-catching powers. Lastly, Tinker Bell is best known for her unbeatable spirit! She never gives up and this is what makes her special from the rest. 

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2. Elsa

Hot Cartoon Characters

We are about to end this list soon and next on this hot radar happens to be Elsa! Another animated character that was highly praised in the movie Frozen was the elder sister of Anna. Unlike her little sister, Elsa was blessed with magical powers. She is quite famous for her over-the-top bravery and strength. She is undoubtedly very courageous and how can we not talk about her sharp ice powers? She is extremely popular among kids, especially for her unique dressing attire. Unlike Anna, she is known to be a strong Princess. This sister duo surely made us cry. But we were also heavily touched to see Elsa’s warmth towards Anna. 

1. Ariel 

Hot Cartoon Characters

Last but not least comes the water Queen, Ariel! This takes us back to the heartwarming story of The Little Mermaid. She is extremely beautiful, smart, strong, attractive, and intelligent. Is there anyone who is not a fan of Ariel? Well, we are definitely crushing on her charm and irresistible personality. Her chemistry with the human Prince never failed to impress us. Being the ultimate Sea Princess, she has also faced a lot of problems out there. Being a mermaid, she has always been praised for her unbeatable beauty and strong determination for the protection of the epic Sea Kingdom. That’s all for now, to read more such interesting lists of entertaining animated characters, stay connected with us, just right here. 

Here Is A List Of 25 Smoking Hot Cartoon Characters! – FAQs

1. Was Elsa reunited with Anna?

Yes, in the movie Frozen, Elsa was ultimately reunited with Anna.

2. What is Ariel’s hair color?

If you watched The Little Mermaid, then you must remember that our beloved mermaid is quite popular for her bright red hair color.

3. Who saved Snow White from the poison attack?

In the mesmerizing fairy tale, Snow White was saved by the Prince’s gentle kiss.

4. Did Aladdin ever tie his wedding knot with Princess Jasmine?

Yes, Aladdin did marry Princess Jasmine, if you still doubt our answer, then you must re-watch Aladdin and the King of Thieves.

5. What is the other name of Tinker Bell?

Tinker Bell is also popularly known to be Miss Bell.

6. Can you watch Pocahontas online?

Yes, you can watch Pocahontas online, the movie is available on Disney Plus Hotstar.

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