Where Is Harvey Morrow Now?

If you are well into crime shows or detective series’ that chronicles criminal investigations or murder mysteries, you must have heard about Dateline NBC. The show documents and reveals horrifying and saddening crimes that have taken place. In one of its famous episodes, remember the murder of Steven Williams? I mean, the infamous murder case of the radio disc jockey. If this did ring any bells, then let me confirm it. We are talking about the murderer here.

Steven Williams was a radio disc jockey. He was doing alright with his career and life until the bad phase started. Steven started to sink in financial waves. He was extremely short of money. In the meantime, he also lost his father. Steven was in deep dilemma and then he came across Harvey Morrow. Initially he knew that Harvey was an investment banker and a friendly person. He was quite promising with his words and Steven believed in them but in the end, he turned out to be a fraud. Not only that, Harvey even murdered Steven. How did that happen? Where is Harvey Morrow now and what did he do?

First, we will answer all your questions. To know more about this case in details, you have to know about Steven William’s murder in detail. So, in this article, you will find everything regarding the topic.

Where Is Harvey Morrow Now? His Whereabouts

Harvey Morrow was a man of great skill. No, he did not ever use that for good, he used that for fooling people. He was a great scammer who defrauded a lot of people including the person he murdered, Steven Williams. He made Steven think that he was an official from the New York Investment Bank. As days passed, Steven found that a large part of his money was missing. As a result, he met Harvey on his yacht. The situation got heated and Harvey shot and killed Steven. Soon after this, police found out his body and arrested Harvey.

But where is Harvey Morrow? What is he doing now? Right now, Harvey Morrow is imprisoned at California Health Care Facility at Stockton. He will be serving in prison as long he stays alive. The weight of his crimes has paved the way for him getting no chance of a parole. After his arrest, Harvey said that he was not guilty but evidence started to pile up. He was charged with fraud, murder and destruction of evidence. This was not the first time that Harvey got himself into legal trouble.

Harvey was a fraud star from the very beginning of his career. In 1980, he deceived big investor into buying pink and blue-chip stocks. As a result, his workplace members were subjected to corruption. Harvey just managed to slip away from the law. His road did not end here. Harvey married a rich lawyer, Deborah Read. Everything was going well; the couple were living luxurious life with their newborns until the day Deborah found out that her husband was not the investment banker from Englewood. When divorce case was filed, Harvey destroyed an expensive dress of Deborah.

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Harvey Morrow And The Murder Of Steven Williams

Steven Williams was a radio disk jockey. After his father passed away, Steven was the owner of at least two million US Dollars. He was going through some hard times with his career; Steven was also facing a bit of monetary crisis. Thinking about the future, he appointed Harvey Morrow as his financial advisor. If you are an investor, you know how important it is to invest in the stock market. Apart from this, you have to be careful and trust an expert.

Harvey Morrow lied about his profession. He told Steven that he was an investment banker from New York. And he was close to Steven’s father before he died. So, Steven decided to seek his help regarding his inheritance money. Soon, Harvey made a trust fund and advice that this will be a better way to increase the money. Everything was going okay until one day. Steven found out about his lie and he noticed that a huge portion of the money is missing. So, he went on to confront Harvey in his expensive yacht on 4th May 2006.

Little did he knew, that it was not a mistake. Harvey was a serial offender. He has deceived people before and this time he did the same with Steven. Due to an extremely heated fight, Harvey shot him in the back of his head and threw his body into the ocean. The police discovered the dead body and arrested Harvey on 18th May 2006. They found out that Harvey Morrow transferred money to his own bank account. He was charged with first degree murder and hence sent for life imprisonment without parole.

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