Is How To Become A Cult Leader Based On A True Story?

The second instalment in the How To Become series, How To Become A Cult Leader serves as a satirical guide to becoming a cult leader. This Netflix documentary chronicles strategies, tips and a guideline that can supposedly help anyone become a cult leader. Helmed by Jonah Bekhor and Jonas Bell Pasht, this six-part series blends in the comedy trope along with the documentary genre. Despite its alarming name, the series is rather lighthearted, fast-paced and superficial to delve into the nitty-gritty details of cults.

With its focus on leaving a punch at the faces of cult leaders, this documentary unravels multiple layers in terms of complexity. It raises several questions, criticism and controversy but what remains prominent is whether How To Become A Cult Leader is based on a true story. If you, too, are wondering the same, here’s everything you need to know about this docu-comedy!

Is How To Become A Cult Leader Based On A True Story?

With the aid of sketches, stock images, videos and 90s-style animation, this series narrates the journey of becoming a cult leader. But it doesn’t provide true lessons, not in the sense its title promises. Rather, the series focuses on educating its audience on the cults that have dominated the world for decades. You might be aware of most of these cult leaders since they have been chronicled in several documentaries before.

How To Become A Cult Leader is a true story that assembles the life story of six cult leaders. It is narrated from a second-person point-of-view and offers non-helpful tips but an insightful summary of the crimes these cults have been a part of. The docuseries dedicates most of its runtime to cracking jokes at these criminal groups and less to justifying the obvious conclusions it offers. It is due to the satirical nature of the docuseries that the series narrator and producer, Peter Dinklage, the narrative and the dialogues become its saving grace.

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How To Become A Cult Leader Chronicles Six Real-Life Cults

The creators have packed six different wacko cult leaders’ life stories in its runtime of nearly three hours. Due to the short episodes, packing every crucial detail in the series hasn’t been possible. Yet, How To Become A Cult Leader manages to incorporate enough information assuming that the viewer is trying to become a cult leader.

From the likes of Charles Mason and Jim Jones to Shoko Asahara and Marshall Applewhite, six such cult leaders are chronicled in the series. Where the makers couldn’t find an apt video or image, they utilize creative sketches and animations to demonstrate the mindset of these cult leaders.

How To Become A Cult Leader Focuses On Jurisdiction

And that, too, is its own jurisdiction. While all of these cult leaders deserve the fate they have been bestowed upon, rather than actively attacking these criminals, the series chooses to go lenient. It is an immensely sarcastic series with its own set of setbacks but its leniency is its highlight. Documentaries often tend to set a flow and smooth pace and this enlightening docuseries doesn’t hold back either.

Cults might not often be illegal or promote heinous activities in the name of religion or belief. But often, sadistic tyrants such as Masion and Jones, fail to realize it. This is where the series aims to strike and pull the strings of its viewers’ hearts. In the era of social media and technology, cults have a broader scope and becoming a cult leader might be easier than it ever was. However, with the increasing tyranny, awareness isn’t left behind either as How To Become A Cult Leader tries to portray.

Is How To Become A Cult Leader Based On A True Story?–FAQS

1. What Is How To Become A Cult Leader Series About?

It is a documentary comedy series that satirically portrays tips and tricks for aspiring cult leaders.

2. Who Created How To Become A Cult Leader Series?

The series is helmed by Jonah Bekhor and Jonas Bell Pasht.

3. How Many Episodes Does How To Become A Cult Leader Has?

It consists of six episodes each of thirty minutes.

4. Is How To Become A Cult Leader Based On A True Story?

Yes, it is based on a true story.

6. Where To Watch How To Become A Cult Leader Online?

You can stream this series on Netflix.

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