How Did Randolph Dial Die?

Nowadays prisons are often called correctional facilities. The main reason behind putting someone behind the bars is no longer revenge for their crimes. A lot of times, its about giving the person one more shot at their life. One more chance to improve himself for something they are ashamed of. But some prisoners have no will to improve. They engage themselves with criminal acts as soon as they are freed from imprisonment.

One such criminal was Randolph Dial. The man was arrested for murdering a karate instructor. When he was put in jail, he started behaving himself in comparison to other times. When the officers saw this, they thought that Randolph is finally improving his mindset. His passion for art gave him a window to paint the outside walls. Little did everyone know, that he was planning a escape route all this time. One day, Randolph escaped from the prison in a car while painting the outside.

But how did he die? What was the state of Randolph Dial? To know more about the life of the murderer, you can read this article. We will take you through his life, his whereabouts after the escape, and the reasons of his death. So, let’s get started with it.

How Did Randolph Dial Die? More About The Killer

Randolph was an art enthusiast. He was not a big name in those days, but he was one of those artists that everyone has heard about. But the reason behind him getting famous is far graver. On 16th September 1981, Randolph Dial managed to kill Kelly Dean Hogan. Kelly was Randolph’s karate instructor and somehow, she got murdered. The officers were instrumental in arresting Randolph and putting him into prison, but somehow, he managed to escape from there. So, when did Randolph Dial lose his life? How did he die?

So, Randolph actually started his life after escaping from prison. He was living for quite some time till he was captured. He was spending his last few years in Oklahoma State Prison till 13th June 2007. At 62 years of age, Randolph Dial died after falling ill since a long time. He was not murdered or fatally injured. His prison escape has no links with his passing away. Soon after he was found missing, Randolph was recaptured again by the Law. He was incarcerated, and the jury also increased his serving time by at least seven years.

When he escaped, he was not alone. Bobbi Parker was the one who helped him with the getaway car and probably some part of the plan, too. Although when she was taken in for questioning, she agreed to be with him. According to her, Randolph kidnapped and drugged her. Whatever she did was under the influence of Randolph. She claimed that she was even beaten, blackmailed and raped deliberately by the man in question, but evidence suggested otherwise. She was also sentenced to prison time accordingly for helping Randolph.

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Who Was Randolph Dial: A Brief Story Of His Crimes

Randolph Dial actually gained prominence through his criminal activities. Some people gain fame for changing the world while some get notorious for their own demons. Randolph was one of them. Somehow, he managed to escape from the prison by deceiving the security and officials by showing his ‘changed’ behaviours. His artworks led everyone to believe that he might be a face of the prisoners who are interested in art. The warden appointed Randolph as the face behind an art program.

He initially was charged for the murder of his karate instructor Kelly. After his confession, he was imprisoned at high security prison and later, they shifted him to Oklahoma. As days passed, he managed to get close to Bobbi Parker, who happened to be the wife of Warden Randy Parker. They started developing a bond through the art program and Randy appointed him as a caretaker. As a caring warden, he always believed that everyone deserves a second chance at life. But one day, all hell broke loose. Prison officials got to know that Randolph dial had escaped. Not only that, one of the inmates claimed that Bobbi was the one to drive him away in a car.

Bobbi and Randolph went out of sight. Just a few phone calls and that was it, nobody ever heard of them. Finally, after years, officers could track down Bobbi and Randolph at Texas. Although Bobbi claimed that she was kidnapped and tortured, police discovered sex toys, and a lot of other evidences from the farm. There was also a love letter from Bobbi to Randolph. She claimed that Randolph raped her, yet she accompanied him at a hospital when he had heart attack. After a decade, Randolph Dial died.

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