Who Killed Kim Nees? Was The Murdered Caught?

No matter how hard you try, crime never seems to fade away from the face of Earth. Although we have heard about crimes happening today, the 1970s and 1980s were rocked by them. Serial and violent killers like Ted Bundee, Jeffree Dahmer were starting to become a real menace in the society. Apart from them, there were other cases that was actually horrific for the people. One such case was the Kim Nees murder case.

In those days, a lot of people, mainly kids and teens used to go missing. Very rarely, they used to return to their homes. Most of them were either never found, or found dead after years of searching. Kimberly Nees was a young girl who went missing suddenly. Since her family was intrigued about the whole incident, they were quick to report to the police. Fortunately, investigation started within a very short time. Rescue officers found her car and there were traces of blood inside.

When they searched further, officers could ultimately find Kim’s body. Somebody had actually killed and dumped her body in the nearby river. But who was the killer? Who killed Kim Nees in such a manner? To find out more about this, you have to read the article below. We have done our best to let you know about every possible information that is available regarding the topic. So, feel free to read.

Who Killed Kim Nees? More About The Montana Murderer

After the news reached her family, they broke down after knowing about Kim’s murder. Officers initially spotted a trial of dried blood that indicated where her body was being dragged. This was one of the most terrific murder cases that Montana County had experienced. Since she was dumped in the Poplar River, it took some to identify the swollen body. The case was a tough nut to crack but ultimately it had a breakthrough. So, who killed Kim? Was the murderer caught?

Yes. The officers could track down Kimberly’s murderer. Barry Allan Beach was the one who killed Kim Nees. Although it was doubted that Kim was killed by a group of girls, it was later denied. Barry allegedly killed Kim Nees in her own truck and dumped the body in the nearby river. He tried his best to erase the evidence but he forgot about the blood stains inside Kim’s abandoned truck. When the body was discovered, it was a swollen female body. It took some time but the police identified her as Kim Nees.

Barry Beach would not have been arrested. He was not even a suspect in the case, until a woman from Louisiana reported against him. She was his stepmother. According to her, Barry Beach was the one to take Kim’s life away. When he was initially questioned, Barry denied everything about his involvement in the case. And to be very honest, there was no evidence that could link him with the Case. But as days passed and the officers started pressurizing him more, Barry broke down. He confessed that he was the one to kill Kim Nees. Even though he was not there, Barry was trialed.

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Who Was Kim Nees: More Details About Her Life And Her Murder

Kim Nees was a high school graduate who had a lovely future ahead of her. But sadly, on 16th June 1979, she disappeared. Her family thought she will come back and took steps to search for her. But soon after the rescue operations began, Kim’s truck was discovered in a nearby field. She did not go out of Montana as it was suggested initially. The blood splatters and dark stains inside her car predicted her grim fate. When her body was discovered, investigators could confirm their suspicion.

Kim was violently beaten to death. After her autopsy was conducted, a lot of bruises were revealed all over her body. Someone has hit her with a blunt weapon before killing her and dumping the body in the Poplar River. Kim Nees was a lovely kid who loved spending time with friends and family. Her classmates were very happy to be friends with her. Kim’s grades revealed that she was a brilliant student. Her courteous nature and warm smile made her popular among her friends.

When Kim’s murder came to light, nobody stood up for her. There was no evidence, no witness and hence no suspect. At some point, the officers were forced to believe that a group of jealous teenagers might have killed Kim, but later on Barry Beach was arrested. He was Kim’s neighbour but he denied to ever come across Kim. His lies went down the drain when police found out about his dating history with Pam Nees, Kim’s sister. After years of trial and a number of paroles, in 1984, Barry Beach was sentenced to serve for lifetime. But on 2015, he was released and now, he is under probation.

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