Is A Place To Fight For Based On A True Story? Does It Revolve Around A Real-Life Zadist?

Revolving around a forbidden love story between an undercover police officer and an eco-activist, A Place To Fight For is a romantic thriller film. Directed by Romain Cogitore, this French film incorporates elements of romance, drama and heartbreak. Lieutenant Greg (Francois Civil) and an eco-activist, Myriam (Lyna Khoudri) meet under exceptional circumstances. While the former is forced to hide his true identity to carry on his mission, his feelings become a hurdle on his way. Choosing between duty and love is no easy feat and can often cause more destruction than provide solace.

A Place To Fight For explores this story arc and delivers a captivating drama. With its exceptional storyline arrive a significant question. Is A Place To Fight For based on a true story? Here is the answer you need!

Is A Place To Fight For Based On A True Story?

Disney’s A Place To Fight For is an exceptionally compelling film that discovers not only a forbidden romance but political warfare, too. On the surface, the film is centred around a romantic story but beneath the layers, there are several story arcs waiting for you to explore. The debate between morally right and wrong spying activities has been going on for decades. Yet, it seems like nations indulge in such activities to keep themselves a head taller in the long haul.

The main question I’m tackling here and you’re searching for is whether A Place To Fight For is based on a true story. Well, it is and it isn’t at the same time. The screenplay writers, Thomas Bidegain and Catherine Paille, draw inspiration from real-life events and characters. They have tailored the premise to dramatize events and focus on the impossibility of Greg and Myriam’s situation.

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A Place To Fight For Is Partially Inspired By 2011 England Events

In 2011, England lieutenants infiltrated a ZAD (Zone to Defend) and started spying on the eco-activist community. Their mission lasted longer than intended and the officers reluctantly carried out their endeavour. After completing the mission, two of the officers went AWOL. An extensive search ensued after their sudden disappearance but nothing of value was found. However, some mind-boggling facts were discovered about the officers and the Zadists (ZAD eco-activists).

The officers fell for the activists and secretly harboured children with them. When the impossibility of their situation dawned on them, the only escape route they could fathom was to do exactly that–escape. A Place To Fight For explores this 2011 incident and centres its focus on Greg and Miriam, an officer and an eco-activist forced to run away to protect their child.

A Place To Fight For Storyline

Spying on other nations and groups of people might seem old-school to common people. However, it is still an effective strategy the nations adopt to keep themselves ahead of others. When Greg and his team are assigned a spying mission, they abide by the orders instantly. With their undercover camouflage, nobody doubts them. They carry on their mission in secrecy but Greg’s life is turned upside down by Myriam. Soon, their banter turns into infatuation and then eventually, love. However, with the secrets and now an infant in the picture, things soon take a turn for the worse.

Not only does Cogitore’s film is inspired by true events, but it is also a cinematic adaptation of the book, Undercover: The True Story of Britain’s Secret Police. The book is written by two journalists, Rob Evans and Paul Lewis, who extensively detail the 2011 England scandal in their report-styled novel.

Is A Place To Fight For Based On A True Story?–FAQs

1. What Is A Place To Fight For Film About?

It is a romantic thriller centred around a forbidden relationship between a spy and an eco-activist.

2. Is A Place To Fight For Based On A True Story?

It is inspired by true events but not based on a true story entirely.

3. Is Myriam A Real-Life Eco-Activist?

No, the character is inspired by an eco-activist.

4. Who Is The Creator Of A Place To Fight For Film?

The film is directed and written by Romain Cogitore.

5. Is A Trailer Available For A Place To Fight For?

Yes, there is a trailer available for the film.

6. Where To Watch A Place To Fight For Film Online?

You can stream the film online on Disney+!

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