Where Is Vittorio Emanuele’s Wife Now? Everything We Know

If you are a Netflix subscriber, you must have noticed a new documentary going around recently. Yes. We are talking about the series ‘The King Who Never Was’. Right after its release the series has started to become really popular. It has been popping up across major social media outlets. The series is about Vittorio Emanuele, last rightful owner of the Italian throne.

The documentary has shown us Emanuele had to spend most of his life in exile due for Dirk Hamer’s death. Some still believe he got away with the charges whereas to some, that was a mere accident. The duke was trying his best to spend a good time with his wife Marina and family. But life does not always go as they are planned. In his case, things got out of hand pretty badly.

In this article, we will be talking about Vittorio Emanuele’s wife, Marina Ricolfi-Doria. If you are here to know where she is currently, please hold on. We will be discussing everything about Marina so please read the article below.

Where Is Vittorio Emanuele’s Wife Now? Marina Doria’s Whereabouts

Marina and Emanuele came in touch of each other long before the infamous incident of ’78. They met at a yacht club in Switzerland. Mesmerized by her beauty, the Prince Of Naples probably started falling for her since then. It wasn’t much longer that the duo started dating. As a member of the royal family of Italy, of course Emanuele tried to keep it private but the couple started becoming more famous day by day. Ultimately, Vittorio had to fight with his family and give up his ruling rights.

After a decade, they decided to turn the fate of their meeting in Geneva permanent – Marina and Emanuele finally tied the knot in a royal ceremony at a Roman Catholic Church. As the docu-series shows, in 1978, some locals were preventing Vittorio from enjoying royal privilege with his family. Being extremely angry, Emanuele tried to scare them away with a rifle. During an on-board tussle with another man, a bullet from his gun reportedly hit Dirk Hamer, who later on succumbed to his injuries.

Right now, Marina Doria is an 88-year-old lady. No matter how hard the times were, how angry the mob became or how big the accusations were turning into, Emanuele always got her beside him. When he was in prison, she visited him regardless of his legal trouble. Marina Doria did not leave her husband’s side. It has been 52 years – Marina is still married happily to her Royal Highness Prince Vittorio. They often visit Italy but most of the times, the couple spends their quality time in their abode in Switzerland.

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Marina Doria: Early Life Of The Duchess Of Savoy

In the Netflix documentary series ‘The King Who Never Was’, in an episode, Vittorio Emanuele expresses his gratitude for his wife. He acknowledges how sweet of a person Marina always had been no matter how he got portrayed to the world. Despite his decades long exile and life long legal wars, The Prince of Naples feels very happy and content with his life. He is at peace after finding Marina as his life partner and vows to hold on to her just like she did.

But before she had the heart of Emanuele, Marina Ricolfi-Doria had a life of her own. She was an athlete. Her athletic feats in the world of water skiing, till today, can be considered as wonderful.  Marina was an expert water skier who dominated almost in every contest she aimed. Her name aced in the golden list of skiers in both national and international level competitions. She made quite a name in the world of sports and in course of time, made her country proud.

Marina’s rise to fame might look like luck, but it was due to her skill, dedication and athleticism. As an 18-year-old athlete, she managed to get success in both of the prestigious contests, the World Championship and the European Championship in 1953. Apart from winning the European Championship for consecutive years, Marina Doria bagged the gold twice. As someone who was born and brought up in Geneva, Switzerland, Marina won five Swiss national titles. She is a two-time World Championship winner.

She didn’t participate in competitions after she met the love of her life at 1960. Before you remember Marina just as a loving wife and a responsible Duchess, you must honour her legacy as an athlete.

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