Is Dr. Bryce Latham Based On Real Story? What We Know

In the early days, when science was yet to advance, the world was veiled by a dark mist. Different types of superstitions, formation of cults, act of performing rituals was going on in the corners where light of logic couldn’t reach. People were driven by greed. And in the remote areas, a lot of horrific things often used to happen.

Based on these cultist activities, a novel named ‘The Clearing’. Based on it, a new thrilling series is going on by the same name. It got released on 24th May, 2023. The plot of ‘The Clearing’ revolves around a lot of eerie stuff, but also around Dr. Bryce Latham, who is himself, a member of a cult.

If you are here to find out if Dr. Latham’s on-screen moments and involvement with the incidents is based on a true event, stay with us. In this article, we are going on talk about it and know more about the probability of any real ground behind the story.

Is Dr. Bryce Latham Based On Real Story? The Truth Behind

No matter how modern we become, till today, we hear about a lot of cases. Cases and scary stories involving cult activities. People might say it on face, but in a lot of times, a cultist continues to practice their beliefs and rituals secretly. ‘The Clearing’ shows the story of one such cult, The Kindred. Although they are claiming to be innocent, they might be playing with lives of innocent children.

We would like you to know that the answer is no. Dr. Bryce is not at all a real person, and he never was. The exact man we saw on the screens was purely a work of fiction. But wait, there’s much more to this. Even if he is a fictional character, don’t you think there can be some inspiration? To answer your doubt, yes. There is definitely some level of reality behind such a fictional character. Dr. Bryce Latham has been loosely based on a physicist, Dr. Raynor Johnson.

Apart from being one of the brightest minds in physics who got his PhD from University of London, the spiritual realm often interested the late author. Being from a religious background, Dr. Raynor gradually started putting his beliefs into mystic arts, psychics and parapsychological studies. Soon after his retirement, Dr. Raynor started to assemble a sect along with a yoga teacher Anne. They named their cult as, The Family.

Reportedly, his sect was luring new members with LSD and Dr. Raynor himself was indulged in evil practices. Although no one could prove his involvement with Newhaven Psychiatric Hospital or brutal treatment of children, even after his death in 1987, Dr. Raynor Johnson is still a mysterious personality.

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The Clearing: Who Is Dr. Bryce Latham And More About The Plot

The series revolves around Freya, a girl who was a former cult member. She is no longer a believer of those rituals. The cult we are talking about is called The Kindred. Adrienne and Dr. Bryce Latham were the founding members of this group. Adrienne is a much veteran personality in this field. She believes in a lot of eerie rituals and horrifying practices. Dr. Bryce Latham is one of the founding members of the sect.

Although this cult was highly functional long ago in Victoria, recently a girl starts to go missing. Since Freya was a former member of The Kindred, her instincts start to kick in. According to her gut feelings, somehow that cult is starting to become active, and the missing girl is just a result of that. But Freya cannot help but face her demons once again.

The group leader Adrienne is acting like she is suffering from Dementia. Her evil plans combined with the intellectual mind of Dr. Bryce Latham, poses an imminent threat that Freya must nullify, She wants to save the lives of innocent children from the hands of The Kindred. The series takes you through a journey of slightly medieval dark horrors accompanied by pseudoscientific activities.

The Clearing: Team Behind The Series

Jeffrey Walker and Gracie Otto has directed this on-screen adaptation based on the book by J.P. Pomare. Hollywood actor Guy Pearce has done justice to the character of Dr. Bryce Latham. Other notable cast members include Teresa Palmer, Miranda Otto, Julia Savage, Xavier Samuel, Hazem Shammas, Kate Mulvany, Anna Lise Phillips, Harry Greenwood and Mark Coles Smith.

This Australian Psychological thriller has a total of 8 episodes in Hulu and Disney+ Hotstar.

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