Is Arctic Void Based On A True Story? Everything Explained

Since we were young, we have heard about a lot of strange incidents, haven’t we? All of those stories include Sea creatures, Fantasy worlds, mysterious beings, flying objects or the Bermuda Triangle. Yes. The notorious region where all aircrafts, ships and people just disappear. They get wiped away as if they weren’t even there in the very first place.

Today, we will be talking about the movie that came out in 2022, ‘Arctic Void’. This entire film which is based on a weird incident. In this case place of happenings is in the Arctic Circle. It shows the helpless moments as number of survivors starts to go down. There are scary incidents, suspenseful sequences and a lot more. But whatever they showed in Arctic Void, are they all true incidents? If you want to find out more, please keep on reading.

Is Arctic Void Based On A True Story? What We Know

Arctic Void is a science fiction. The thriller was released back in 14th January, 2022- if you have already watched the film, you will know that the movie deals with scary incidents. Due to some reason, an experiment goes wrong. At least 20 passengers suddenly get disappeared from a ship. Due to a totally alien environment, the remaining survivors get scared. People start to experience inexplicable visions.

But is it based on a true events? From what I have learned, I would like to tell you that, no. The film Arctic Void is not at all based on a true incident. The entire plot, no matter how realistic it seems, is based on imaginations. None of the men who disappeared are real. The ship never existed in real life and the incidents shown on screen never really happened. We can assure you that it is entirely a work of pure science fiction.

Apart from this, if you ask me, there are some similarities here. The film revolves around a sonic weapon test going bad and people were missing. Reportedly, back in the days, there was a secret experiment under CIA and a lot of people across the planet admitted to hear a humming sound. The experiment we are talking about is called Mk Ultra where a chemist tried to achieve mind control through illegal procedures and on the other hand, the humming was described by a sudden buzzing noise that seemed to come from everywhere. The creators might have taken some inspiration from these two.

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Arctic Void: Storyline Of The Movie

The movie is indeed a thrilling sci-fi plot. You can consider it as a horror too, based on the scary parts. This movie revolves around three people. The men started their journey towards the arctic but things did not really go as planned. Soon, due to some mysterious event, we get to see that the tourist vessel is stuck midway. Their ship couldn’t even make it to their destination.

A group was conducting an illegal weapon testing experiment. The weapon emitted strong sonic waves but the whole experiment somehow went totally wrong. Following the incident, there was another catastrophic accident that happened in the vicinity. Due to the sonic explosion, the tourist ship suddenly loses its power. Instruments went haywire, compasses started acting crazy, and a strange vibration was starting to get felt. But the scarier fact is, all the passengers started to disappear. One by one.

Ray Marsh, Alan Meursault and Sean Tibbets- only three Men remain on the boat. Alan and Ray are childhood friends. Along with their cameraman Sean, they try their best to cope up with the trauma of the whole accident. Although scientists tried explaining it as a cosmic radiational after effect, things were still unclear. Three of them manage to reach a completely deserted Norwegian town where the atmosphere starts to become eerier as time passes. All of them are afraid of an unknown nemesis waiting for them. They try their best to escape from the whole situation, but their psychological trauma and physical fatigue becomes a big factor.

Will they be able to survive? What happened to people who vanished? Is someone close pulling the strings from behind? To know more about this 85-minute-long breathtaking journey, you must give this film a watch.

Arctic Void: Team Behind The Thriller

Darren R. Mann has done a wonderful job in directing this indie project. Michael Weaver, Tim Griffin, Justin Huen plays the role of the surviving trio. Other cast members include Thea Sofie Loch Naess, Rune Temte, Sarah Alles, Ingrid Liavaag, Laura Sophia Becker.

Jay Kirk and William Paul Jones along with the director himself has done an amazing job in writing this movie.

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