Where Is Vittorio Emanuele Now? How Is The Murderer- Prince?

May it be a Prince or a king, the rules of law are the same for everyone. It may be a man who belongs to a royal background or an ordinary man but if any man or woman is found guilty in front of the law and order then he/she has to get the punishment for the crime. One such story which proves these all things real is the story of Vittorio Emanuele.

He was an heir of Savoy but still, he was put in front of Judges. So what happened to Vittorio Emanuele? What is the story behind Vittorio Emanuele of Savoy? Where is Vittorio Emanuele now? Is the Netflix series The king who never was really the story of Vittorio Emanuele? The answers to such questions are given in the article below so read it carefully until the end.

Where Is Vittorio Emanuele Now?

According to certain sources and reports, Emanuele is now residing in Geneva, Switzerland. He is not allowed to visit his native place so now his permanent address is in Switzerland itself. Also, his family members also had a history in Switzerland so he is a descendant of the same family and hence he finds himself comfortable there.

Vittorio is actually the head and supreme of the Savoy house and he doesn’t want to give freedom to use the title to anyone. As of 2006, his cousin was using the title of Duke but Vittorio stood against it and with the help of the court he stopped his cousin from doing so. According to him, he is the real head of Savoy house and only his direct blood son/daughter can use the title.

Vittorio Emanuele’s Story: Who Is He?

Vittorio is the royal heir of Italy who was born on 12 February 1937. He was the successor for the throne then but he never got it as when he was of the age of nine years the monarchy policy was taken out from Italy. Spent his childhood in Switzerland, and now also he is residing there as he cannot stay in his homeland due to the law not allowing him to do so.

He worked as an aircraft salesman, as a banker and also as an arms dealer despite his royal history. All these things he did was for a better life for himself and his own family. He is very particular about his royal history and his dynasty so he uses the title Duke of Savoy House.

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Vittorio Emanuele’s Story: What Happened?

Everything was going well in his life but on 18 August 1989, everything changed when he shot a German teen boy Dirk Hamer. He was then arrested after this happened and brought to jail. Got his release as the opposition did not provide any solid evidence against him. He was set free for the shooting case but a charge was filed against him for keeping an unlicensed weapon with himself. Again, arrested by the police for the charges of sex trafficking, corruption, conspiracy, and so on. These were also unsuccessful in sending this man behind bars.

During all these incidents everything changed for him as one of his tapes went public which stated that he was associated with the death of Dirk Hamer and now this tape was taken along with Vittorio to the court. This time Vittorio filed charges of defamation against Birgit Hamer (Sister of Dirk Hamer) and also the newspaper that made this tape public. After having the tape also the case couldn’t be opened again. He was again left out but he was banned from entering his country ever.

Documentary On The Prince

There is a Netflix series on the story of Vittorio Emanuele and it’s a documentary to be more precise. Vittorio has been interviewed for the documentary series and he shared his story in it. It is available on Netflix and is streaming for everyone worldwide.

Netflix has shown many photographs of the time when the incident happened. It included the photographs of Dirk Hamer and his friends who went for enjoyment and then the incident happened. This documentary shows every incident as it happened and how it happened. It should be watched by all to know about the case and the story more.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who is Vittorio Emanuele? When was he born?

Vittorio is the royal heir of Italy who was born on 12 February 1937.

2. What Happened on 18 August 1989?

On 18 August 1989, he shot a German teen boy Dirk Hamer.

3. Is there any Netflix series on the story of Vittorio Emanuele?

Yes, there is a Netflix series on the story of Vittorio Emanuele and it’s a documentary to be more precise.

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