Is Shadow Detective Based On A True Story? Unfolding The Reality

We always find Korean dramas mostly on Netflix. Do not we? However, the drama that we are going to talk about today is airing on Disney+ Hotstar. It is quite interesting if you ask me. Recently, news about officegoers in China is getting circulated a lot. It has been found that whenever you hit the age of 30 in China, people do not want to hire you anymore. This is not only the case in China but in other East Asian countries as well. Slightly based on this concept, we have the drama Shadow Detective. To know the details about the drama, you are requested to read this article further.

Is Shadow Detective Based On A True Story?

Shadow Detective recently got its second season. Season 2 of the said Korean drama aired on 5th July 2023 on Disney+ Hotstar. The first season of the drama was aired for the first time on 16th November 2022. Since the first season of Shadow Detective, people have been wondering if the drama is based on a true story. Many people are convinced that the storyline of Shadow Detective is based on some real-life incident. Here, we are going to inform you everything that we know about the show.

It can be said with surety that Shadow Detective is not based on any real-life story. We have found no similarities with other true stories. The creators of the show have confirmed that the series is not based on a true incident. The show creators have only stated how they have made the script of the series fit for an older actor. Since Korean actors are masters when it comes to acting, the series seems so natural that, at times, you may feel like it is based on a true incident.

We can confirm that it is not the case. The story of Shadow Detective is absolutely original and not based on any events or incidents. The lead actor Lee Sung-min has stated that he found the script of the show extremely relatable, and he wanted to take up the series immediately. His love for the script and his character gave rise to the natural aspect. His acting is on-point, and you will not be able to distinguish between Lee Sung-min, the actor, and Kim Taek-rok, the character. Is not this amazing?

Shadow Detective Season 1 Storyline

Season 1 of Shadow Detective was loved by many, and the first season received a great number of views and support. Considering the audience’s reaction to the first season, the showrunners have decided to bring it for the second season. If you have forgotten what happened in season 1 or want to know some details about the season, you can refer to this section of the article. We have provided all the information that you will need to know about the story of season 1 of the show.

In season 1 of Shadow Detective, the storyline is quite intriguing and gripping. Senior Detective Kim Taek-rok wants to take his leave permanently from his job; that is, he wants to retire because he is of retirement age. However, his plans get changed all of a sudden when his colleague, Woo Hyun-Seok, gets murdered. Nobody knows who the murderer is, and as detectives, they must find out the real culprit in the whole case. Before the investigation starts, Taek-rok starts getting mysterious calls, because of which the new head of the team suspects him to be the real culprit. When Taek-rok’s innocence is finally proved, the team moves forward with finding the real murderer.

Shadow Detective Season 3 Release Date

As of now, there is no news about the release of the third season of Shadow Detective. The creators have not yet decided if they want to renew or cancel Shadow Detective after the second season. Currently, the second season of Shadow Detective is an ongoing one. The release of a Season 3 can only be predicted after Season 2 comes to an end. The ending of Season 2 of Shadow Detective will determine the reaction of the audience, which in turn is going to give us hints if the creators are willing to drop a third season.

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Shadow Detective Cast

The cast of Shadow Detective includes Lee Sung-min in the lead role of Kim Taek-rok. The other members of the cast are Jin Goo, Lee Hak-Joo, Kyung Soo-Jin, Seo Jung-Yeon, Hyun Bong-Shik, Jung Hee-Tae, Lee Yoon-Hee, Eom Ji-Man, Kim Hyun-Tae, and many others. However, these members form the primary cast members of the show.

If you are willing to watch the series, it is available on Disney+ Hotstar for streaming.  

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