Is The King Who Never Was Based On A True Story? 

Another chilling true crime docuseries is streaming on Netflix and we can’t wait any further to tell you more about this one. The blockbuster Netflix docuseries, “The King Who Never Was”, brings out the unsaid history of Italy, when the then ruler, Umberto II was exiled with his whole family. This epic historical event dates back to the year 1946, after all, how can we not talk about the referendum? The Vote of Monarchy began and thus started their hardship and struggle with living life to the fullest! 

For more than 4 decades, they were not allowed to come back to Italy! Besides giving us a brief and highly insightful backstory of Vittorio Emanuele, we also learned about the Hamer family! It happened on 17th August 1978, Dirk Hamer was shot down by the exiled Prince Emanuele! Her sister, Birgit Hamer knocks on every door for justice, but shockingly, the exiled King had enough power, money, and resources to escape from this murder mystery. 

Is The King Who Never Was Based On A True Story? 

"The King Who Never Was" - Is The Shocking Netflix Docuseries Based On A True Story? 

All the things we saw, all the people who gave their statements, the incidents, the court hearings, the sudden arrest of King Vittorio Emanuele, everything happened for real. The King Who Never Was is not a documented story, but a true tale. Based on popular news articles, factual data, and on-record statements, a shocking docuseries has recently premiered on Netflix! Yet again, Netflix has raided over a true crime story that strikingly connects itself to the royal family. 

From Vittorio Emanuele to his beloved son, Emanuele Filiberto, from Birgit Hamer to most of the people who were present at the murder site, we are about to witness it all here. The King Who Never Was pinpoints the tragic incident which happened in Cavallo, the mysterious death of Dirk Hamer has been explored further. It was quite compelling to see how Birgit Hamer consistently tried to get the required justice for her brother. We were also quite impressed by the various testimonies which came up in the docuseries. 

Moreover, the way Marina fought for her husband’s release was truly commendable. The power-packed thriller docuseries is filled with various information about royal culture and relationships! It was indeed a major relief for them when  Vittorio Emanuele was finally called down to Naples. But then, we also learned about his sudden arrest and other criminal charges! Considering everything, the newly launched blockbuster docuseries is surely worth bingeing once. 

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Did Vittorio Emanuele Ever Come Back to Italy? 

Yes, the untitled Duke of Savoy did get a chance to come back to his original homeland. Back in October 2002, the Prince finally made his way to Italy. After years of being exiled and staying in unavoidable circumstances, few of the stringent Italian laws were ultimately repealed. But according to various news articles, the people of Naples were not very fond of Vittorio Emanuele. Only a few were supporting the return of his family. Most men and women were found chanting negative slogans against the family. 

Why Did Birgit Hamer Return To Cavallo? 

"The King Who Never Was" - Is The Shocking Netflix Docuseries Based On A True Story? 

After losing the court case, Birgit Hamer felt helpless. Initially, she moved to Spain, and with the help of a dear friend, she managed to get settled there. As shown in the docuseries, she originally had two daughters and it is indeed true that her long-time partner did decide to run away from his responsibilities. It was pretty hard for her to stay in control, there was even a time when she had personally threatened Marina. Moreover, she never imagined that she would ever decide to sail back to Cavallo!

But at the end of the three-episode long docuseries, we all saw how Birgit along with her two loving daughters finally visit the island again. Every fear of yours must be put to a conclusion, and thus she decides to revisit Cavallo. Yes, the untitled King, Vittorio Emanuele never jailed for 10 or 15 years, but Birgit did try her best to tell the truth to the whole world. The confession tape did change a lot for her! To learn further about this highly compelling and complicated docuseries, you have to binge “The King Who Never Was” Season 1, exclusively just on Netflix. 

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