Is Kai Greene Gay? What Are These Rumours And Are They True?

If you know anything about bodybuilding, one of the names that comes up right after Arnold Schwarzenegger, Ronnie Coleman, Jay Cutler and Phil Heath is Kai Greene.

Yes, I am talking about none other than Funshine from Stranger Things Season 2. Before he became the muscular cool but brooding guy from Kali’s gang on-screen, Kai Greene gained name and fame since his bodybuilding days.

During these years, being a celebrity isn’t very easy. Even if you decide not to expose your personal life much, there will always be a little buzz here or there just because you are a celeb.  In this article, we will talk a lot about this Kai Greene and his life.

Is Kai Greene Gay?

Before answering this question, let us know about Kai Green. As a well-defined bodybuilder, Kai used to take part in different contests. Getting in to physical fights or verbal spats are still common in bodybuilding competitions. There were a number of times things got a little too far with Phil Heath, one of his colleagues. In a conference held in a kindergarten school, Phil Heath claimed that he knows a lot about Kai’s life.

He took his chance and said that Kai Greene does what’s popularly termed as ‘gay4pay’. It’s a paid job where allegedly, Kai had to strip in front of some homosexual clients in order to get money. Some even said that there are a few photos and videos floating across the web where Kai can be seen enjoying dancing naked in clubs or performing crazy sexual acts. Since Kai came up from a pretty low-income background, people were quick to assume that he actually did those gigs for increasing financial support of his bodybuilding journey.

But no. Kai Greene is not gay. He is in a healthy and happy relationship with his longtime girlfriend Dayana Cadeau. According to Dayana, Kai fell for her since he saw her performing at a Classic Event long ago in 1998. But it wasn’t till 2007 when Kai approached her and he asked for her number for a picture session. Later, they started meeting each other in exhibitions and gradually the duo started dating. They are indeed a happy couple till date.

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Kai Green: Early Life Of Mr. Getting It Done

The 47-year-old bodybuilding mammoth began his journey as a kid from Brooklyn. He was genetically blessed and Kai was much developed muscularly for a teenager. A lot of children faced difficulties due to difficulties in their behavioural patterns. Kai was one such kid- he was suggested to take part in bodybuilding events for his own help.

Seeing his potential, Jacob Panotas decided to be his coach. Apart from focusing on the improvement of his body, coach Jacob was keen to motivate Greene. Under his expert guidance, Kai started to prepare for National Physique Committee. He gained success there soon. You can already understand that he had bigger dreams.

This led him to become a daily gym goer who was quite jovial to work out. Initially he started working at Johny Lats Gym. He used to stress more upon the ‘mind-muscle connection’. Being a passionate enthusiast, Kai Greene decided to take up the duty of taking his physique to the next level.

Kai Green: His Personal Life

Just as you read, Kai is living happily with his girlfriend Dayana Cadeau. He is not that open about this, but their bond is quite beautiful. Initially Kai and Dayana were awkward but with time, they learned to be patient with each other. Both of them share common interest in bodybuilding and they love working out together. According to Dayana, she loves Kai dearly. He is a wonderful person and the power couple were close to getting married.

Kai Green: Achievements

After winning the 1999 and 2004 NPC Team Universe Contest, Kai Greene started to gain fame as an IFBB. He always wanted to be an IFBB, so once he became that, he became unstoppable. Due to unavoidable circumstances, there were times when Kai took breaks or declined from stepping up on the grand stage.

As a professional bodybuilder, he won remarkable ranks in a lot of competitions like New York Pro, Arnold Classic and Mr. Olympia for a large number of times. He won Arnold Classic twice in a row. After winning it for the third time in 2016, Kai Greene gained respect from fitness freaks all around the world- his physique was even admired by the legend, Arnold Schwarzenegger himself. After 2016, Kai Greene decided to take a step back from the world of bodybuilding.

Other than this, Kai is an actor. He has worked in multiple movies, documentaries that include notable titles like Generation Iron Trilogy, Kai, Overkill, Redemption. Binge watchers saw Kai Greene in Stranger Things season 2- Mr. Funshine was quick to amaze the audience with his charisma.

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