The Surrogacy Season 1 Ending Explained: Did Nora Die In The End? Does Yeni Get Her Happily Ever After?

As simple as the word surrogacy sounds, it isn’t. It is an emotion, a heartfelt, soul-christening emotion. Netflix’s latest Mexican series, The Surrogacy aka Madre De Alquiler depicts this unnerving emotion with utter finesse. It is a tale about the power of money, the ruthlessness that runs an empire and the innocence that holds the key to the downfall of the said empire. Manifested by Araceli Guajardo, The Surrogacy is centred around an innocent girl, Yeni (Shani Lozano) who is brought to the Huizar household to serve a purpose. The Huizar heir, Carlos (Luis Ernesto Franco) and his wife, Julia (Marcela Guirado), have tried everything in their power and still, they don’t have a child.

The Surrogacy is a 24-episode-long Mexican series that is brimming with hundreds of twists and turns that will leave you flabbergasted. Especially with the 40-minute-long episodes, the series could be too much to handle. This is why here is a quick recap and ending explained to help you understand Netflix’s The Surrogacy better!

The Surrogacy Season 1 Recap

Who says money cannot buy happiness? It can certainly buy the means to happiness. Julia is desperate to be a mother but her infertility issues and Mexico’s no surrogacy policy prove to be major hurdles. Now Cornered, Julia collaborates with a lawyer and tricks Yeni into helplessness using the power of money. Julia gets her father attacked and decides to kidnap her initially. However, the plan backfires when Yeni’s father, Mubul shoots the attackers, David and Balo to protect her daughter. Mubul hails from a destitute family and has nothing to his name, only a daughter who is now desperate to get her father out of prison.

Julia and Carlos convince Yeni to the surrogacy, have her sign a contract and help her father get out. On the other hand, Huizar Pharmaceuticals’s owner, Nora (Leticia Calderon) is pressurizing Julia now that her daughter, Fernanda (Camila Selser) has become a mother. The Huizars are everything you can expect rich, spoilt and greedy folks to be. Fernanda and Carlos have beef over Carlos’ inheriting the organization. His interest lies elsewhere though, all Carlos wants is a baby so that he and Julia could lead a peaceful life.

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Yeni Is Forced To Revolt Against The Huizars

To accomplish his goal, Carlos makes sure Yeni is as comfortable as possible and starts lavishing her with luxuries. Soon enough, Nora gets Yeni for a medical checkup and Marcella (Minnie West), a rebellious doctor and scientist, announces that Yeni is pregnant with twins. Nora refuses to let Yeni know about it, keeping her in the dark until she goes into labour. Since Marcella wants an out from the organization, she keenly accepts Nora’s decision but ultimately has to break her promise.

Yeni gives birth to a son and a daughter and while the little girl is healthy enough, the boy is born with clubfoot. And can a boy with physical disabilities be a part of the mighty Huizar empire? Nora thinks not but she doesn’t stop at thinking. She takes action and makes her son and Julia believe their son was born dead. Nora discards Yeni with the infant and manipulates Carlos with everything she could.

The Surrogacy Season 1 Ending Explained: The Huizar Empire Crumbles Down

Yeni is found by Marcella who, with the help of a lawyer and her boyfriend, Roberto, tries her best to help her. In the interim, Yeni catches up with her former boss, Cuca and her daughter, Sonia. The three of them alongside Keyus, Sonia’s friend, embark on a journey of survival. Though initially they perceive Marcella to be on their side Irene’s sudden death transforms their perspectives. Yeni tries calling Carlos but Julia picks it up and shatters the phone in a fit of jealousy.

Yeni despite being left resourceless and penniless decides to raise the boy as if he were her own. Meanwhile, Huizar Pharmaceuticals is being dragged into the media by Ochoa whose wife and kid have been affected by the Postpartum depression pills manufactured by them. As the Huizars deal with the after-effect of this lawsuit in their ruthless manner, Yeni is forced into hiding. However, she isn’t able to protect her son and herself for longer.

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The Relationship Dynamics Between Julia, Carlos And Yeni Becomes Complicated

Upon witnessing Carlos’ unrelenting yearning to find Yeni, Julia suspects they have had something deeper going on behind her back. And as it turns out, it is the truth. Marcella drugged Yeni on Nora’s order. The abortion pills worked and Yeni went through a miscarriage but Julia was kept out of the loop by Carlos who never told anyone what went on behind the curtains. After finding out that Julia’s last embryo couldn’t fully form into a baby, Carlos is disheartened and deeply shattered. He keeps it from everyone including Yeni as he gets closer to her and eventually falls for her.

As it turns out, the abortion pills didn’t work properly. The embryo had split into two and Yeni was carrying identical twins out of which one was aborted due to the pill. Now, she wasn’t only carrying Julia and Carlo’s child but also hers and Carlos’. The specially-abled child turns out to be Julia who was on the pills behind the deformity issue and the girl, Tessa, is of Carlos and Yeni’s. They are involved in a tangled mess and when Yeni finds solace within Francisco, she doesn’t miss a beat and grabs the opportunity to run away.

How Does Luciano Discover Carlos?

Yeni’s father was attacked by Balo who was avenging his now dead brother. Balo threw Mubul in front of a moving car, causing both the car driver and Mubul’s death. The driver turns out to be Francisco’s wife who now has a little infant, Francisca to take care of. While Julia yearns to hold her son, she cannot let go of Tessa either. So, both women decide to keep their children to themselves. However, Carlos isn’t in the loop and is under the illusion that Yena died in the explosion orchestrated by Ochoa.

Decades later, Yeni’s son, Luciano has grown up and so has Tessa and Francisca. Yeni has been hiding away from Carlos and the entire manipulative Huizar family. However, luck isn’t on her side. Francisca uploads Luciano’s video over the Internet and it goes viral forcing her to reveal the entire truth to Luciano. Meanwhile, Fernanda and her husband, Arturo are suffering through disagreement issues.

Do Carlos And Yeni Get Their Happily Ever After?

He scurries towards Nora and gives her a piece of his mind, followed by Fernanda who later helps him get to Carlos. Upon meeting Luciano and discovering that he is Julia and Carlos’ son, Nora decides to hand him over the business. When he reveals that he is gay, Nora undergoes a major paralytic attack leading her to be bedridden for the rest of her days. Arturo is now dead, too.

On the other hand, all the other broken couples are gravitating towards each other. Julia and Keyus are getting together. Sonia and Francisco have developed a healthy relationship. And Carlos and Yeni, too, are ready to put their past behind us. Marcella and Roberto have decided to officialize things and all of them are now a big, happy family.

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