Barracuda Queens Season 1 Review And Ending Explained: The Female-Gang Money Heist Comes Equipped With Emotional Drama!

Netflix’s May releases were heavily equipped with several queens with Queen Cleopatra and Queen Charlotte leading the show. The streaming giant isn’t letting June go without introducing us to a few new queens either. The only difference is, the Barracuda Queens aren’t royalty but modern-day Robin Hoods. With several series and films exploring the steal-the-rich trope as Netflix’s Inventing Anna, Barracuda Queens tries its hand at exploring the genre as well. And it has done a commendable job blending in the money heist trope and the friendship complications between these urban riches.

Barracuda Queens is a term coined by Klara Rapp(Tindra Monsen), Louise Millkvist (Alva Bratt), Mia Thortensson (Tea Stjarne) and Frida Rapp (Sandra Zubovic) for their gang of four. They are all upper-class high-privileged students at reputed universities in the Stockholm suburb of Djursholm. But when they find themselves drowning in debt accumulated due to their foolish mistakes, they turn into burglars.

Barracuda Queens Season 1 Recap

This Swedish heist drama is directed by Amanda Adolfsson and written by a stellar team of writers Sofie Forsman, Tove Forsmon, and Veronica Zacco led by Camilla Ahlgren. All four of these girls are each other’s ride-or-die best friends. Their picturesque life is disturbed when Klara finds herself asleep in the bathtub of a hotel room with the tap running all night, damaging the ceiling. Frida is Karl’s younger sister and though both the Rapp sisters are loaded, their parents are beyond strict. Klara is an aspiring law student with a pristine reputation but her little stunt is now threatening to spoil it.

Louise aka Lollo is the most spoilt out of the four with her mother, Margareta (Izabella Scorcuppo) overlooking most of her actions. On the other hand, Mia doesn’t fall in their tax bracket and has to work as a housekeeper for Gustav Carlsson (Carl Jogan Merner) and his wife, Gunilla (Sofia Bach). The four of them have distinct personalities, all clashing together throughout the series but they never let it meddle with their bonds. There is a huge debt hanging over their head. When Klara gets the opportunity to steal a watch lying on the bathroom counter, the ever-good girl breaks her streak and resorts to burglary.

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The Barracuda Queens Gang Is Now A Team Of Five

The said watch turns out to be Lollo’s mom’s, who throws a fit and fires her employee believing that she stole her watch. When Lollo and the girls meet for another round of champagne, she casually puts it out there. Klara hops over the truth train to blurt out her acceptance. Instead of being flabbergasted or splenetic, Lollo and the entire team start laughing. Lollo, the most mischievous and daring of all, curates an adventurous plan that could solve all the problems.

Lollo met Amina Khalil (Sarah Gustafsson) and her mother Laila (Meliz Kargles) at a party last night where Laila’s fancy schmancy jewellery caught her eye. If they could steal it and sell it off, all their financial problems could go away. Mia, who’s in desperate need of cash agrees right away followed by a young and reckless Frida. Even though Klara tries resisting initially, she also gives in to the urge. However, the heist doesn’t pan out as the Barracuda Queens planned as they are caught by Amina. It turns out Amina is bored of her dull money-fueled life and joins the Barracuda Queens.

After their first robbery goes wrong, they immediately find themselves robbing Tobias (Christian Fandango Sundgren) who ditched Lollo. Then, they attack Gustav’s house since he has been groping Mia behind his wife’s back. And this becomes a pattern for this girl gang, robbing the rich, especially the ones who have tormented them somehow.

Barracuda Queens Season 1 Ending Explained: Who Saves The Girl Gang From The Police Wrath?

When Lollo and Mia are returning from a party, the drunken Lollo crashes her car in a ditch. Both of them are heavily injured, especially Mia who finds her hand in a cast. Now in desperate need of money, Mia sells off a few of the things they stole incurring the wrath of her team. Amina and Lollo try to solve things and while they succeed, another new issue awaits them. The police are now searching for the burglars who are breaking into the houses of these influential people. So, Lollo seeks refuge from Carl-Johan von Schmigel (David Book) and hides away everything in his barn.

Meanwhile, Frida catches her mother, Viveca (Mirja Turestdt) with Lollo’s dad, Lars (Carsten Bjornlund). Mia’s mother, Cecilia is having a relationship with her and Mia’s tennis coach. Isn’t it a hazy mess of complicated relationships? Well, it seems like Viveca’s husband, Claes (Johannes Kuhnke) has an open approach to their relationship. Even though Lars wants a long-term relationship, Viveca is not ready to leave her husband yet.

The police find a stolen earring pawned in a shop and Amina’s housemaid is the culprit. She was blackmailing Amina who got frustrated and handed her a pair of earrings which has now led the police to the Barracuda Queens. Lollo’s mother, Margareta stages somebody to take the blame and saves them within an inch of their life.

Barracuda Queens Season 1 Review: These Modern-Day Robin Hoods Make For An Intriguing Adventure

6 episodes all under 35 to 40 minutes of Barracuda Queens are brimming with drama. It is your typical cliche drama centred around a group of privileged girls left to deal with their family issues. They channel their frustration, boredom and revenge on the people who wrong them. While they know they’re morally wrong, their conscience isn’t enough to deter them. While conceptually, the series is nothing extraordinary, the execution makes up for the lack of significance. The messed-up emotional relationships, the savvy spirit of the Barracuda Queens and the phenomenal cast members are the highlights of the series.

Barracuda Queens Season 1 stands at a 7.5 on 10 for me.

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