Never Have I Ever Season 4 – Did Devi Vishwakarma Get Into Princeton University? 

Her school life will be ending soon, it’s the beginning of her senior year! They are all ready to graduate and we are straight on board with Never Have I Ever Season 4. The most-awaited series of this summer 2023 is finally available to stream on Netflix and you know what, you should too start bingeing the same! Devi Vishwakarma is back in talk. And guess what, our little girl is now ready to be a grown-up! Devi will surely hustle hard for this one, after all, this is her long-time dream college! This is where her life changes forever. It’s time we all raise our glass high and make a toast for Never Have I Ever Season 4. The teen drama got a classic happy ending and here are some interesting questions about Devi’s new life!  

Did Devi Vishwakarma Get Into Princeton University? 

Never Have I Ever Season 4 - Did Devi Vishwakarma Get Into Princeton University? 

Devi and her beloved friends, Fabiola, Eleanor, Ben, and Aneesa, everyone is ready to start their new life! It’s time they make that important decision and here comes Devi’s dream college, Princeton University! She is the most intelligent and notable student of Sherman Oaks High but can she get into the most reputed college of New Jersey? That’s quite stressful for Devi as well. But what’s worth noticing is how much she has grown all these many years. In the past three seasons of the show, we have seen so many different phases of Devi! Yes, you may call her crazy, psycho, bold, spontaneous, and chatterbox but she is also emotional and super intelligent! Even the smartest of all, Ben Gross has a difficult time competing with her. 

Coming back to the main question of the day, well, it all begins with the haphazard College Fair. It seems like someone was trying way too hard to impress Akshara. Princeton University has been on Devi’s list for a long-time now; she will indeed do everything possible to get in there! She did tell her about her excellent grades and sound high-school achievements but looks like she was blocking the line and that was quite a bummer for Akshara. Not to forget, her very-recent boyfriend, the incredibly hot but blockhead, Ethan, as well did something to push Devi into Akshara’s good books!

Everything was going well, but it seems like Ethan is nothing but a small-town robber! Looks like he ran his clean hands over Akshara’s purse and that was a huge turn-off. Right after Devi broke up with him, she decided to walk up to Akshara’s hotel! She returned the purse to the actual owner and this is where Akshara saw the real side of Devi! It seems like Princeton University will feel good to have a gem like Devi Vishwakarma! But Devi wasn’t the only one interested in this college, Fabiola’s mother somehow convinced her to apply to the same college, and given Fab’s unique knowledge of robotics, she got into Princeton University! Things got a bit worse, as Devi’s best friend is now one of her competitors. 

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Never Have I Ever Season 4 – Write An Essay To Show Your True Side! 

Never Have I Ever Season 4 - Did Devi Vishwakarma Get Into Princeton University? 

Well, this was quite a generous piece of advice from Akshara! After getting deferred from her dream college, she is now under the waitlisted category! At this particular moment, Devi could see her dream slipping away! What’s even more shocking was, she didn’t make it to any other colleges under the Ivy League! Seven rejections in total, we still find it hard to believe! But as they say, there is a right path for everyone. She closed her eyes and went back to the time when she was just a child and her father first told her about Princeton University! 

Again, how can we forget about Ben cheering her up? And thus, she decided to write about her father’s death, maybe it was the time for her to speak about Mohan. Princeton University was not only her dream but her father’s dream as well. Who could have possibly thought that this particular piece of writing will clear up the roadmap for her? She finally got into Princeton University! It did feel a bit surreal, but it’s happening, Devi’s long-time dream just came true and she couldn’t be any happier than this! 

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