25 Best Basketball Series To Watch In 2022!

We all love playing some sport or the other and almost all of us have at least once or twice played basketball and have had a lot of fun, isn’t it? Playing any sport is very essential for our physical fitness. We all also enjoy watching our favorite sports-related shows, don’t we? Basketball is a game that is usually played indoors between two teams of five players each on a rectangular court. east once or twice played basketball and had a lot of fun, isn’t it? Basketball is a game that is usually played indoors between two teams of five players each on a rectangular court.

Some movies related to basketball have been given below so that all the basketball fans who are looking for basketball-related shows or movies can get something fun to watch. So what are we waiting for?

25- High Flying Bird    

Best Basketball Series To Watch In 2022


The most amazing film related to basketball is High flying bird. It is undoubtedly the best basketball-related movie to date. What makes it very authentic and unique is the fact that it has not been shot on professional cameras instead it has been recorded on I phones. Racism exists in all parts of the world to date and so the story is about the same topic ad how black athletes feel they are more powerful than their white owners which are quite different from what is normally the case. The Black members don’t usually have anything to hold against the white team members. It is a story about a sports agent who discovers the greedy team owners as well as the Player’s Association’s Representatives. He does so so that he can end the NBA lockout.

24- Last Chance U: Basketball

Best Basketball Series To Watch In 2022

As we have seen in many high school basketball or sports in generally related shows that most athletes are chosen from the first day that they started playing in high school. They are also offered scholarships in their junior year. It is a series that tells the story of a basketball coach from East Los Angeles who tries his level best to help his high school players earn the college scholarships that they have been dreaming about for a long period.

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23- Amateur

Best Basketball Series To Watch In 2022

This show is very much based on real-life events. It is a story of a very phenomenal college athlete who tries to find their way through the dirty behind-the-scenes world of amateur basketball. It tells the story of an American teenager who is a very passionate basketball player who learns about the very scandalous activities that take place sometimes under everyone’s noses. As everyone is very well aware of the strict rules of the NCAA on its athletes and that is why activities like bribing and stuff happen. This is why even youngsters who participate in sports start indulging in illegal activities as they began to think that it is only these activities that will help them win the game.

22- Coach Carter

Best Basketball Series To Watch In 2022

It is one of the best movies related to basketball and it began gaining fame in the 90s and 2000s since then it has just been receiving more and more love only from its fans. It is a very inspiring and motivational sort of film about the real life of a basketball coach. When Coach Carter came back to his old school he realized that the basketball team of his school was extremely weak and there was no structure.

The players were only concerned about their issues and not about the upcoming matches. He then locked the entire team when he learned about his team’s players falling grades to make them realize the importance of winning the match not for the school or him but for themselves. This way he played the role of a mentor and not just a coach who teaches them lessons that will help them with their life problems and not just their matches.

21- The Last Dance

Best Basketball Series To Watch In 2022

It is a docu-series that has teen parts. I know what you might be thinking if it had ten parts it would be boring. But that’s not true. Each part tells some or other interesting story about Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls and it tells the story of the beginning of his sports career and the background of the other amazing team members of the 1997-98 Bulls team. This docu-series has a very significant role in the basketball world as it tells the stories of the greatness of Michael Jordan. It also reveals many facts which were unknown to us earlier.

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20- space jam

Best Basketball Series To Watch In 2022

This series has been called the best basketball-related series as it involves the best basketball player in history as well as it features Looney Tunes. In this Michael Jordan after he was returned along with Looney Tunes challenged a group of aliens to a basketball match that would decide the fate of Looney tunes. Michael Jordan’s help was the most essential as those aliens already had stolen some of the most popular basketball player’s talent.

19- Basketball or nothing

Best Basketball Series To Watch In 2022

We all try adopting practices that would help us in escaping our reality and just deal with that activity. This series is based on a somewhat similar concept. It shows us a few sneak peeks into the lives of younger players who rely on basketball to escape life. In some areas, people do drugs and drink alcohol and so these younger kids try to use basketball as a distraction. They now try to win state championships so that they can defy all odds. So it is based on Basketball or Nothing.

18- Giants of Africa

Best Basketball Series To Watch In 2022

Now don’t try to make any assumptions just based on the title because whatever you’ll guess will be far from correct. It is a documentary that is based on some of the best basketball players in the NBA. This also helped in bringing the Africans and Americans closer together. The story revolves around MasaiUjiriwho had formed the Toronto Raptors team. They had won the 2019 NBA championship. It is about how he brought together some extremely talented basketball players and made this sport something that can even help those players in building their life.

17- Wolves

We all have different perspectives regarding the lives of sportspeople, don’t we? This film helps us in understanding what the life of a basketball player looks like. It shows how one’s family can at times act as both a boon and a bane for them as they can help as well as sometimes hinder the growth of an athlete. It is about a high school basketball player who is going to get a college scholarship. But the only hindrance in his path to success might be his alcoholic and gambling-addicted father. So now it’ll be interesting to see what happens and how he succeeds.

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16- Semi-Pro

It is one of the funniest basketball-related movies of all time. It is funny and just ridiculous at times in the best way possible. It is not just funny it also has a few very serious scenes related to basketball. It is a story about a team owner and also a player who tries to push his team to fourth place in the league. Many of you might be wondering why is that so. It is so that they can enter the NBA- ABA merger. What’s hilarious is the fact that it shows how even in a serious sport like basketball mediocrity is sometimes said to be more beneficial.

15- My MVP Valentine

One of the best Taiwanese series about basketball is My MVP Valentine. It is an amazing combination of romance and basketball and still, there isn’t even one scene that might make us feel what have they done. Many people might not want to watch it but trust me if you watch it once you’ll not regret it. It is about a high school basketball player who by mistake ends up paralyzing his opponent’s sister before they even make it to the championship. This makes him feel guilty and because of that, he decides to give up his basketball life and just take care of her till she gets totally fine. Now you are smart enough to understand what happens next. They fall in love. Now do make sure you give it a chance.

14- The Carter Effect

Vince Carter is known to be one of the greatest athletes and is very well known for bringing the art of dunking into the games. This series is a documentary. He played a major role in changing the perception of Canadian people about basketball. It was after he was drafted by the Toronto Raptors during the 90s. He inspired younger people in Canada to the growth of basketball. Now Canada is the second-highest country with the most number of active NBA players.

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13- Juwanna Man

If one is searching for a movie that unnecessarily tries to make people laugh about a sport like a basketball it is this movie. It is not as open-minded as other movies but it is funny. It is the story of a basketball player who is thrown out of the league team for some reason. He was so passionate about playing as a professional that he changed his look and participated like a woman in a woman’s league. It is ridiculous but still, it is funny.

12- #Rucker50

So all basketball fans out there might be very well known about Rucker Park. It is the best open basketball park in the world. It is one of the best storming grounds for basketball players. It shows a glimpse into the history and culture of Rucker park and how the Rucker tournament played a major role in the field of basketball and its major role in influencing the younger players wanting to be the best basketball players.

11- Untold: Malice at the Palace

One of the biggest fights in the history of the NBA was Malice at the Palace. It happened because of Indiana Pacers and the Detroit Pistons in Detroit. Many people have their presumptions about what happened that day but this movie reveals the true story from the side of the players. It shows their perspectives. It shows how everything wasn’t their fault.

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10- Q Ball

This film has been produced by an amazing basketball player himself i.e Kevin Durant. It shows the perspective of prison inmates on basketball. These prisoners find freedom only by playing their favorite game. It shows what prison inmates have to go through daily. However, that struggle does not stop them from playing basketball and it is one of a few things which allows them to feel free in the prison.

09- Marvel & ESPN Films Present 1 of 1: Genesis

It is a very ironic thing to see Marvel and ESPN working together. But to better understand the reason for their collaboration one will have to understand the fact that they both work under the same parent company. It is a story about finding the best players and also their superhero counterparts as many a time these players seem to do some superhero stunts.

08- one in a million

We all know that India has one of the largest populations in the world. But it isn’t a very popular game in India and so there aren’t many Indian players in the NBA to date. It is a story about the first Indian player to make it to the NBA Satnam Singh Bhumara. Many people wonder how can it even be possible that even though India is such a large country there aren’t many Indian players in the NBA. To get the answer to your questions one such watch this series.

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07- Iverson

Allen Iverson is one of the most popular basketball movies of all time. He is so famous because of his brand and because he made a major role in the revolutionization of the attitude side of basketball and became the greatest little man in this game. This film is a documentary that showcases his life before, after, and during the time h was in NBA. Do it is a movie I’ll recommend.

06- Tony Parker: The Final Shot

This film explains the story of another great basketball player Tony Parker. He is a four-time champion and one of the greatest players in San Antonio Spurs’ history. He wasn’t a very flashy player in NBA. So this film gives us insight into his life. So you can give it a watch.

05- The Playbook: Doc Rivers

We all are very well aware that the playbook is a book that stores all the amazing ideas of brilliant people like coaches who share their ideas about how they approach the sport and find different ways for winning. The first episode of this series is about Doc Rivers who is the current Philadelphia 76ers head coach and not only this he is also responsible for helping the Boston Celtics win their 17th championship. Do this is how this is an amazing series that one must give it watch.

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04- Kuroko’s Basketball

It is the second amazing anime series related to basketball. Since it is an anime it is not very realistic but still one must give it a watch as it shows how Japanese people take basketball seriously. It is about a high school basketballer called Kuroko who played the role of a very dominant sixth man of a middle school team. Now since he plays for a different team he is supposed to compete against his former teammates. They were called the ‘Generation of Miracles.

03- Meeting the Giant

This is another amazing film related to basketball as it shows us what basketball looks like for Asian people. It shows the import issues which are used in Singapore. It shows how different Chinese players manage to play basketball so well and how it doesn’t use special effects yet it creates such magical moments in this film.

02- Kung Fu Dunk

It is one of the most intriguing films about basketball as it shows what it would be like if basketball crossed roads with other sports like martial arts. It is a story about a Kung fu prodigy who can predict his opponent’s moves. When he crosses paths with a very shady businessman he ends up becoming an amazing basketball player and people take advantage of his martial arts skills.

01- AhiruNo Sora

It is another anime series but it is not as unrealistic as Koroku’d Basketball. The story is very different. It is a story about Sora who is short in height and yet manages to be an amazing basketball player. He tries to revive his high school’s basketball team and helps his team members again become passionate about basketball.

So these were some of the amazing basketball-related films and series’ that one must give it watch and share their reviews with us.

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