Bloodhounds Season 1 Review & Ending Explained – It’s Not Over Until It’s Over! 

This story takes us back to December 2020, when the whole of Korea was under the grip of Covid-19! Small businesses were running into heavy debts while the multi-millionaire loan sharks were pretending to be generous! A brand new South Korean drama series has premiered recently on Netflix and we can’t wait to tell you more about this killer action thriller. It all begins with Kim Geon-Woo, a struggling boxer who is just trying to make enough money to help out his mother. 

Covid-19 has taken everything from the poor people of Korea and his mother’s business is next to closing off forever. Fast forwarding to the Rookie Tournament of the year, that’s when Geon-Woo met Woo-Jin for the very first time! From giving a tough fight to one another in the boxing ring to sharing a hearty meal, they soon became the best of friends! But little do they know that their lives will soon be ruined by the most horrific loan shark in Korea! And this brings us to the devilish money supplier, Kim Myeong-Gil. 

Bloodhounds Review – It’s Not Over Until It’s Over! 

Bloodhounds Review & Ending Explained - It's Not Over Until It's Over! 

Mr. Choi was the one who started this business! He couldn’t save his father because he didn’t have enough money or resources back then, but now he does, and thus comes his master plan. He has promised himself to give out no-interest loans to the needy ones! But this plan of his can never be fully successful because of some devilish loan sharks like Myeong-Gil. He operates Smile Capital, a company that offers loans to people at poor interest rates! But if you read the term sheet clearly, you could notice the bogus return policies mentioned in the sheet of paper. The whole company is indeed a scam, made just to get ounces of black money! 

Sadly enough, Geon-Woo’s mother got into the trap of Smile Capital and now she owes 100 million to this fraud funding company. The goons of  Myeong-Gil broke into her cafe and destroyed it to pieces! Unfortunately, Geon-Woo too got into an epic fight with them, but wasn’t able to beat the big bear, In-Beom! In addition to all this, Myeong-Gil took a sharp cut on  Geon-Woo’s side face and gave him a deadly scar. But despite being attacked to death, Kim Geon-Woo managed to survive! Thanks to Woo-Jin who rushed him to the hospital. But now that he is alive, they must find a way back to repay the loan. And this brings them to Choi Tae-Ho! 

Meanwhile, the filthy game plan of Myeong-Gil will soon be cracked open by the very brave and marvelous Hyeon-Ju. Yang Jae-Myeong falsely took 10 million from Mr. Choi and now it’s Hyeon-Ju’s responsibility to get the money back in-house! But as she investigates more about Yang, she will find out how he is scamming people and stealing their IDs to help Myeong-Gil in his dirty mission. Thus, to protect his only grand-daughter, Mr. Choi decides to hire Geon-Woo and Woo-Jin as his trusted bodyguards. And thus, the story gears up. To learn further about this series, you have to binge all 8 episodes of this enthralling K-drama. “Bloodhounds” is available in English as well and this power-packed action thriller deserves no less than 7 from us! 

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Bloodhounds Ending Explained – Were Geon-Woo And Woo-Jin Able To Recover Mr. Choi’s Funds? 

Bloodhounds Review & Ending Explained - It's Not Over Until It's Over! 

As the story moves forward, a lot of destruction will take place, so you better be prepared for it! Over the past few years, Kim Myeong-Gil has become so powerful that he can now own any men in the town! Thus, he was able to track down the whereabouts of Mr. Choi as well. Initially, Choi and his team of 5 were able to capture Jang-Do. They also got some solid proof against Myeong-Gil, but the team surely failed to handle the counter-attack. Choi’s house was badly attacked by the goons and despite trying his level best, Woo-Jin couldn’t save him! His whole house was burned down to ashes and all his funds were now taken over by Kim Myeong-Gil. 

On the other hand, Woo-Jin was beaten up to death and Choi’s right and left-hand were no longer alive! Myeong-Gil somehow managed to find out about Lee and Hwang and decided to end this war for all! But destiny had different plans for our beloved duo! Surprisingly, Geon-Woo was able to save Woo-Jin. Soon after getting released from the hospital, they decided to stay with Mr. Oh and trained themselves to become fine fighters.  After all, Geon-Woo had made a promise to Mr. Choi, and he will do everything possible to keep his word.

As Jang-Do said once, Myeong-Gil mostly takes advantage of people’s weaknesses and uses the same against them! Min-Beom and his company were also no exception here! We all know from the start that he was being blackmailed by Myeong-Gil! But now that Geon-Woo and Woo-Jin were able to learn all about Myeong-Gil’s strategies, they decided to plot a sound plan against him! They managed to contact Min-Beom and Gang-Yong and thus we come down to the final stage of their plan. 

With the help of Min-Beom, they were able to crack into the safe app! All the blackmailing videos were destroyed and soon after this, Myeong-Gil’s life will be shattered down to hell. Now that there is a raid on his house, the loan shark was ready to fly away from Korea. But our duo managed to get the whereabouts of Jang-Do, who finally leaked out Myeong-Gil’s exact location to them. Not to forget, Min-Beom chipped in quite a few million to get the truth out of Jang-Do. Fortunately enough, this time the fraud team was not able to get good control of Geon-Woo and Woo-Jin! The story concludes with the duo getting back all the money to Min-Beom! It seems like Geon-Woo was able to keep his promise, finally, Mr. Choi’s dream of helping others will continue to survive! 

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