Turn Of The Tide Review & Ending Explained – We Welcome You All To The Snow Land! 

This is their one-time chance to escape the reality of life, a golden opportunity that will change everything around them, the moment they were looking for is here! Thanks to the Italian mafias who lost their pathway and ended up on the island of Azores! This is where the exact story begins. You must be wondering where the land of Azoreans is. Well, the tiny island is barely visible on the maps, but guess what, the time is not far away when one among the poors will thrive hard to reach the top! Have you ever thought about what the poors go through? From big government authorities to renowned media houses, these backward people hardly get any value in society! And, thus comes the story of Eduardo Melo, a young boy who is ready to embark on a brand journey of success and freedom! 

Turn Of The Tide Review- We Welcome You All To The Snow Land! 

Turn Of The Tide Review & Ending Explained - We Welcome You All To The Snow Land! 

Who would have thought a cargo full of cocaine would suddenly hit the shores? But as they say, when everything is going wrong, that’s when you see the turning point of your life. The same saying goes for Eduardo and his friends! Whether it was Rafael, Carlinhos, Eduardo, or Sílvia, everyone had their own struggles with life! They had already lost all their dreams, and now they are living for nothing. Eduardo needed a good load of money for his father’s cataract operation and that’s when the idea came to his mind. 

When all the residents of the island were madly grabbing boxes of cocaine, that’s when Eduardo thought of following the currents and going down deep into the sea. The plan went just as he thought, there were more drugs in the Ocean! This time of the year, luck was favoring him, it seems like good days were just around the corner. But as he parks the cocaine in the garage, and decides to worry about it later, he comes across one of the Italian mafias. 

Unfortunately, Gianluca came in front of his car, and thus came another major problem in his life. He along with Silvia and Rafael are now involved in a murder case of an Italian tourist! But you know what they say, in stressed situations, you have to use your brain, that’s how you locate your ultimate solution! From chopping off Gianluca’s body to sinking the whole car beneath the Ocean, this is just the beginning of the tale! As the episodes pass by, the story becomes even more deadly and complicated! Considering everything, the brand new Netflix series, Turn of the Tide, better known as Rabo De Peixe, surely deserves an 8 from us.

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Turn Of The Tide Ending Explained – Who Killed Rafael?

The real owners are coming for them! Don Massimo is not an easy man to handle. You better not underestimate his skills! He will do anything possible to get back his cargo! Eduardo’s worst nightmare is about to begin shortly. The island might be small, but even before the cargo came up to the shore, the drug culture was quite famous here. All thanks go to Arruda, the madman who knows how to sell drugs well. But unlike others, he couldn’t fool or scare Eduardo. He knew Arruda was scamming them, the drugs could be sold for even more than one could ever imagine. He had his mind clear, he didn’t want to work along with Arruda! 

Thanks to Sílvia who found them a mastermind who could send the drugs to the mainland. This is where we are introduced to Bruna and Ian. They could have easily become rich within a few days, but each one of them had demons of their own. When Sílvia got hospitalized due to a heavy dose of cocaine, things became a bit messy for all of them. Rafael thought he could rely on Arruda and thus decided to hand over the cargo to him! But as he submits himself, Arruda decides to show his real claws and chokes him down to death! But sooner or later, Arruda will pay for his deeds! He killed his best friend, and now it was Eduardo’s turn to take revenge.  

What Happened With Mr. Jeremias? 

Turn Of The Tide Review & Ending Explained - We Welcome You All To The Snow Land! 

Coming to Mr. Jeremias, a man of words and virtues. He was initially lucky to have a son like Eduardo! He has lost his vision and Eduardo was the one who managed to get him admitted into the private hospital. Finally, after months, he was able to see again. Yes, his past was a bit rough and hard, but he didn’t want the same to happen with his son. And now that he knows that Eduardo was the one who has all the cocaine, he decided to send him away to his brother, Joe! But Don Massimo surely didn’t like his motives! He wanted all his drugs back and now that he has sent Eduardo elsewhere, Mr. Jeremias has to pay for the damage done. Sadly, Massimo decides to kill him, he was shot dead by a flare gun. 

Was The Police Able To Catch Don Massimo? 

Unfortunately, Detective Frias, with her team, couldn’t get a hold of the real culprit! Eduardo managed to rescue Carlinhos from Massimo’s trap! As the two escape from the barren building, Don Massimo decides to follow them up. Thinking that the drugs are still inside the truck, he let the duo flee easily. Fortunately, Eduardo along with his long-term best-friend Carlinhos manage to get on the ship which was sailing for America! It seems like their long-lost dream was about to come true. The series concludes with Uncle Joe smiling hard on a green plain. Before leaving the island forever, his nephew had a small gift for him. The series indeed ends with a major cliffhanger! All the drugs which were inside the Tuna tins are now with Uncle Joe! 

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