Who Is Asur In Asur? Rise Of The Dark Side

All the episodes of Asur Season 2 are now available to watch online, the whole series has been released on Jio Cinema and we still couldn’t get over this enthralling mystery crime drama series! The highly captivating and twisted plotline of the series has yet again managed to gain our attention! But what’s worth noticing was the ending of Asur Season 2, the whole mystery is not yet solved and we all know that the story will be continued further! This brings us to Asur Season 3! 

But today we are not talking about any renewal updates but rather a more significant topic that is very crucial to the whole storyline of this drama series. “Asur” Season 1 and Season 2 have been following a pattern, as the episodes are passing by, we could see and understand why Shubh decided to be a serial killer! The story heavily focuses on various mythological concepts and that is why we are so involved in this drama series! So let’s push it any further and quickly jump into the main question of the day! 

Who Is Asur In Asur?

Asur: Rise Of The Dark Side- Who Is The Real Asur? 

The name which automatically comes to our mind is Shubh Joshi! After all, he was the one who killed so many, he is the one who is creating propaganda against the system! But Joshi wasn’t this devilish from the beginning, there is a reason why he changed himself into a serial killer! There was something which had triggered him so bad that he decided to change his life goals and this was the rise of his evil side! 

According to him, he is doing nothing wrong, but just freeing people from the burden of the world! He portrays himself as a new-age “God”, according to his views he will soon be worshipped by the whole world. This might make you believe that he is the real culprit here, but what we tend to overlook is his traumatic and abusive past life. He too has gone through a lot, we cannot ignore the fact that his childhood was the scariest part of his life. 

It all begins from the day he was born. Given the theory, that he wasn’t born in an accurate horoscope, his father already considered him a bad luck. Moreover, his mother passed away soon after she gave birth to him and thus he never got the love he deserved. His father used to punish and torture him regularly and thus, one day he decided to end it all! But again, how can we not see that being a minor, he was pushed into a deadly jail? 

All thanks go to Dhananjay Rajpoot who altered the documents to send him to prison. These things cannot go off the radar, even if we start believing that Joshi is the main “Asur”, what about those who were responsible for making him a bad person? Well, this is something which we surely need to think about! There can be a chance that Dhananjay is the main bad guy here! Interestingly, somehow or the other, all of the characters here, have both good and bad sides, no one can say that he or she doesn’t have any deadly demons of their own! 

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Asur: Rise Of The Dark Side- Is Shubh Joshi Declared Dead? Who Will Be The Next Asur? 

Asur: Rise Of The Dark Side- Who Is The Real Asur? 

Shubh Joshi is out of context now, Nikhil killed him, and he took his revenge, blood for blood! If we go by the fact that Shubh Joshi was the main “Asur”, then we have to consider his last wordings! There is someone who will carry on his plans and mission. The dark phase is not over yet, Kali will come to expand his motives. But the main question is, who is exactly going to keep his plan alive? Who is Kali? 

The upcoming installment of the story will surely answer this question for us. But for now, it’s best to believe that a few more deadly events might occur in town. Shubh might be dead, but his mission is not! He has got a strong base of followers and this might cause heavy chaos out there. Well, that’s all for now, in the coming days, we will surely give you more exciting updates on the renewal of the series. 

Asur: Rise Of The Dark Side- Who Is The Real Asur? – FAQs

1. Is Asur: Rise Of The Dark Side renewed for Season 3?

As of now, there are no renewal statements available on Asur Season 3.

2. Is Asur Season 3 coming out next year?

It hasn’t been confirmed yet, but a few online sources predict that Asur Season 3 might roll out next year.

3. Is there any estimated release date available for Asur Season 3?

As per our estimates, Asur Season 3 might come out by the end of 2024 or 2025.

4. Can you binge all the episodes of Asur online?

Yes, all the episodes of Asur Season 1 and Asur Season 2 are present on Jio Cinema and Voot.

5. Was Shubh Joshi murdered in Asur Season 2?

Yes, Shubh Joshi was murdered by Nikhil in Asur Season 2.

6. How many total episodes are present in Asur Season 1 and Asur Season 2?

Considering both seasons of Asur, the captivating crime thriller holds a total of 16 episodes.

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