Scoop Review & Ending Explained- Choking The Truth To Hide The Faults Lying In The Legal System? 

A brand new drama series has surfaced on Netflix and we just couldn’t digest the truth which has been revealed through this drama. A truth that hasn’t been told before, a story that directly pinpoints the bureaucracy which exists in the system. Scoop is not just a drama series, but a reality check for all the citizens in India! What we fail to recognize is the shocking injustice that lies in our legal system! 

This story talks about Jagruti Pathak, a loving mother, a respected crime reporter, and an accused murderer who has been charged under MCOCA! This series reminds us about how the Mumbai Police has always acted reluctantly in emergencies. Scoop is now available to watch on Netflix and here is everything we know about it. 

Scoop Review – Choking The Truth To Hide The Faults Lying In The Legal System? 

Scoop Review & Ending Explained- Choking The Truth To Hide The Faults Lying In The Legal System? 

This is not just about an accused murderer, this story reminds us how the prominent journalists of these countries are slowly wiping off forever. This story dates back to 2011 when most of the news networks were striving hard to get their respective exclusives. It all started with the sudden murder of Hussain Sayed, the controversial murder case which joins Pathak with Chhota Rajan This media world is larger than one’s imagination and to be on the cover page you have to sell your best-cooked news report, and same was the mantra of Jagruti Pathak until she became the headline herself. 

It was indeed a pleasant morning, no one could ever have seen this news coming. Jagruti was on vacation with her family while someone was planning a sudden attack on Jaideb Sen. The long-term reputed journalist of the D-Company has been shot to death. The murder mystery remains unsolved, and the real culprit continues to be off the radar, but the show must go on. Meanwhile, the country awakes to the news of Chhota Rajan killing the reporter but how are the police accusing Pathak of this crime? Was she really involved? Or is she just one of the scapegoats? Well, that is something you have to find for yourself by watching all the episodes of the drama series. 

The series not only talks about a women’s struggling journey in society but it also raises fingers towards the faulty journalism existing in the country. When did journalism become business? Is the Mumbai Police truly connected to Dawood Ibrahim? Is the police department safeguarding the gangster? When will this story be covered? One reporter has been killed while the other one has been accused of a deadly murder! This thriller drama surely deserves everyone’s attention. It’s not just about who killed Jaideb Sen, but more importantly, why was he killed and why was the police trying to frame Pathak in this murder! Who was the police trying to save? 

The brand-new Netflix series, Scoop has been well-versed with the original story of Jigna Vohra and Jyotirmoy Dey. One would be highly shocked to see how this legal system deals with independent women. The way Jagruti was tortured in Byculla jail surely grabbed our attention. More importantly, we were impressed to see that even in this corrupted system, a few reporters like Imran and Sandeep exist! Just like Jagruti’s family, they too fought to tell the truth to the whole world. Considering all the angles, Scoop does deserve an unbiased 9 from us. 

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Scoop Ending Explained – A Delayed Justice Delivered To Jagruti Pathak! A Reporter’s Life Destroyed Forever! 

Scoop Review & Ending Explained- Choking The Truth To Hide The Faults Lying In The Legal System? 

She rotted in jail for more than 9 months, her remand period kept exceeding. Her charge sheet was not yet filed but the media claims her to be the murderer of Jaideb Sen! What proof did the police have against her? How many things penned in the charge sheet were true? Is being a reporter a crime? Or was she questioned just because she was a woman who tried to fly high? 

Pathak’s journalism career was shattered to the ground. She would have literally died had she not gotten the support of her family! Thanks to attorneys like Chintan Vashisht who gave her the justice she was looking for. Had he not delivered a strong point of view, there was a good amount of chance that Pathak would have rotted more in the Byculla jail! Thanks to the lawyers and her supporters who stood with her during this time. The bail was granted and she was finally going back to her home. 

Finally, a mother was reunited with her son! But despite being released, the haunting effects of the jail will continue to trouble her. Not only was her career destroyed, but her whole family had to suffer through all the media articles assassinating her character. This particular series truly gave us goosebumps, but we are even scared to think that in reality, the accused suffered even more than this. It is sad to see how our system fails us day by day. 

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