Are Devi And Ben Finally Together? 

Never Have I Ever Season 4 is streaming exclusively on Netflix and we absolutely couldn’t stop blabbering about Devi and Ben. Wait a minute, the sky looks surprisingly purple today, is Devi truly dating Ben? Are the nerds finally together? Well, this is the question we have been trying to solve for a long-time now! They are a perfect match and we all know that! Yes, Devi has been interested and attracted towards Paxton but she shares a magical bond with Ben and she can’t keep ignoring him for a lifetime!

Moreover, did you take any keen note of the first scene? How could we possibly forget that they have lost their virginity together? It was indeed a shocking sight for all of us, we didn’t see this coming but the rest of it was quite disappointing! But again, the ending melted away our hearts, and here is everything you need to know about Devi and Ben’s complicated love story! 

Are Devi And Ben Finally Together? 

Never Have I Ever Season 4 - Is Devi And Ben Finally Together? 

It happens every time, they get back on track and once again, ghost each other like nothing happened between them! But this time, they have to figure it all out. The show surprisingly starts in Ben’s bedroom, it seems like they just leveled up their relationship. But as they say, boys can sometimes be too stupid to understand the concept of love and so was Ben Gross. He ignored her all summer and when they got back to school, Ben was dating Margot! That indeed felt like someone was stabbing her heart. But given Devi’s sudden outburst potential, she was not going to tolerate this betrayal.

After all, Devi deserved at least a minor justification from Ben! But given Ben’s silent attitude, everything backfired on Devi! She got into a drastic fight with Margot and thanks to this she couldn’t get the recommendation letter for Princeton University. The complications don’t end here, Ethan wrote something on Devi’s car and given the fact that no one hates her more than Ben’s new girlfriend, she blamed it on Margot. Eventually, we will see how Devi gets into a steaming hot relationship with Ethan but that won’t last that long! On the other hand, Ben will get into Columbia University, but his girlfriend’s judgemental issues will soon sabotage his six-month relationship with Margot! 

Ben breaks up with Margot but still refuses to make a move on Devi! Slowly and steadily, he too will understand the fact that he genuinely feels for Devi, but he is still scared to say it out loud. Moreover, the savage queen prefers not to bend down and thus decides to ignore Ben in the best way possible. But as they say, you can never run off from your soulmate, and the same happened with Ben and Devi. Thanks to Miss Warner who planned the premium New York trip! After all, in this particular episode, finally, we will see how Ben and Devi talk for a while and clear up their differences. 

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Never Have I Ever Season 4 – Make The Most Of The Last Goodbye! 

Never Have I Ever Season 4 - Is Devi And Ben Finally Together? 

As they head into their upcoming careers, it’s a warm goodbye for all the students who have graduated from Sherman Oaks High! Devi indeed wanted to spend a few more days with Ben but he decided to take an internship in a law firm and this initially separated him from Devi! But our little young girl made the most of her summer, she had an epic time with her two best friends, Fabiola and Eleanor. Yes, she did miss Ben a bit but this time, Devi purposely decided to go with the flow. 

Coming down to the grand wedding, we never thought that “Pati” would find Lenny! Both their wedding and their simple and sweet relationship were simply beautiful. But this was also the day when Gross suddenly came back to town! Devi wasn’t expecting this surprise at all. Tomorrow she leaves for New Jersey and today the love of her life stands in front of her! That night will surely be the most memorable for her. But hey there, the good thing is that they have decided to commit. This time they have got back for real and interestingly enough, they are ready to fill in the gaps between New York and New Jersey! 

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